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Plastic Surgeon Consulting Services

What Others Say About My Conversion Training....

"I am super happy with the Converting Club for my coordinator. She absorbs what you teach her and is able to put it to use quickly. Your strategies are practical and easy to execute. The program paid for itself many times over in just the first month."
Plastic Surgeon Consulting Services
Ramsen Azizi, MD
Double Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Chicago, IL
"When I was asked to complete The Weekly Metrics, my first reaction was to resist. I thought it was going to be a waste of time; however, I found out they were super helpful to me in identifying where I was losing consults and what else I could be doing to get that patient to a yes. I also find the coaching calls with Catherine to be invaluable. She's helped me address objections like a pro and increase my conversion rates by 50%. Catherine's tools are my secret weapon to winning!"
Lisa L.
"While I was new to cosmetic surgery, I was not new to working with people. Having the people skills already, along with what I learned from Catherine, gave me the proven strategies to jumpstart my success as a patient care coordinator. Within 2 months, I was comfortable in my role and my consult conversion rate runs consistently at 80%. I’m more confident than ever going into the consultations and using the converting strategies to get to a YES! Catherine’s training videos are short and informative. They give you the tools and scripts to help you become more successful. I loved taking the quizzes at the end of each video which helps to retain what you have learned. Completing the metrics each week was a great tool to assist me in keeping track of my success and what I could work on. During the amazing coaching calls with Catherine, we discussed these metrics which has turned me into a confident and competent closer. I highly recommend The Converting Club to anyone who wants to “up their game” and be the best coordinator they can be.”
Sue P.
"Since I joined The Converting Club, my conversions have increased by 25%. And, even though we are usually slower in the summer, I used Catherine's specific strategies and had the best month ever in July!"
Jennifer B.
“Catherine’s Converting Club for Coordinators has been extremely helpful to me. Her training videos were excellent, and they better prepared me to handle objections and follow a process rather than ad-lib my next steps. Her trust-building strategies set the stage for a more professional consultation and helped me in my follow up process to convert more consults. My results speak for themselves. When I started, my conversion rate was 15-19% and it’s now running at 40%
Janine J.
“This training club for coordinators gave me the tools I needed to bridge the communication gap between me and the patient so I’m able to make a connection and build rapport and trust. I now stay focused on the key points I want to hit during the consultation, and I have smooth transitional strategies to go from pricing to booking surgery without feeling uncomfortable. So now, the patient is more comfortable with my surgeon, our staff and our process and more likely to say yes. Catherine’s training materials have made a huge difference in my effectiveness as a coordinator.”
Melody D.
“Within a few months of joining The Converting Club and learning from Catherine, my converting skills have doubled my conversions. And last month, I actually converted more than the other coordinator who has been there for years.”
Rana S.
“I am an experienced patient coordinator working for a very busy, popular clinic in Estonia. We are in a growth mode and turned to Catherine for her expertise in converting consultations. It was helpful to learn from am American expert. Catherine’s videos and coaching calls gave me a new perspective on improving our processes so the patients now come educated and ready to pick a date for surgery. My consult rate has increased to 50% within months and continues to increase as we implement these new strategies.”
Maarja L.
“We never realized what a difference the right words make. Catherine’s materials taught our receptionist how to phrase things properly to be more effective. Our receptionist sounds much more caring and professional and she closes more appointments than ever before.”
Gina Whitney
Office of Daniel Leeman, MD
“It is a great learning tool for our secretary because it gives her a lot of confidence when speaking with our patients. We are seeing results already in the way the telephone is answered and also the conversion of calls to consultations grows every day. Thank you.”
Laura Matz, MD
Nova Scotia, Canada