How Well Does Social Media Advertising Work?

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You may have noticed that traditional advertising, as a way to advertise your cosmetic surgery practice, is dying.  If you’ve always done newspaper, TV, radio  or magazine ads you may have noticed a decline in response over the last few years.

It used to be that TV ads was the number one way to drive business because the networks were in control of what people watched and when.  All of a sudden, digital video recorders came along and people could fast forward through the commercials.  Now, TV has been replaced with social networking sites and the consumer is in control of what they want to see.

Consumers decide who they want to follow, when and how they will consume the information.   Due to this evolution in consumer behavior social media has become the best medium for marketing cosmetic surgery.

So it’s up to you to find creative ways to get their attention.


It’s simple – your target market of potential cosmetic surgery patients are on the social networks.  They are reconnecting with friends and family, spending countless hours researching things online and asking people for recommendations and referrals.  Unlike your website where they might  visit and exit just as quickly, people who are active in the social networks stay there for long periods of time at once.

This is good news for you and your plastic surgery advertising efforts.

Cosmetic surgery patients are web savvy and they do most of their research online before they even call your office to get more information or schedule a consultation.  The more you educate your potential patients via blogs, articles and educational marketing messages, the more chances you have to start earning their trust.  Once they see you as the expert and valued potential partner for their procedure, they will feel comfortable calling to schedule the initial consultation.

The great thing about advertising via the social media networks is that you really get to determine how much you want to spend on your campaign.  Your advertising dollar can be more effective if you choose networks that target your ideal customer.  Just remember that just like traditional advertising, you need to track your campaigns and determine which ones are the most effective for you so that you can maximize your advertising efforts.


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