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Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Well unless you have been hiding under a rock for a few years, you no doubt realize that the latest pressure upon marketers is to be seen in the social sphere. We have all heard about Facebook, Blogging, Twitter and Linkedin but who has the time to dedicate to keeping up with these  extra demands? Social Media Optimization is an important aspect of marketing for plastic surgeons, cosmetic surgeons and any professionally run aesthetic practice.

Social Media Optimization – What is it?

social media optimization for plastic surgeons and cosmetic surgeonsIn a nutshell social media optimization (SMO) is you represented in a professional manner in the social sphere of the online world.

We understand the pressures you are under and don’t want you to be crippled by yet another thing on the to-do-list of your day.

You are busy looking after patients and procedures, your staff have more than they can handle, so how do you manage to get in on this incredible marketing opportunity?

Do not fear these questions any longer, “Hey are you on Facebook” or “Do you tweet?”. You can forget about ever having to worry about these things again, because Cosmetic Image Marketing has got you covered. Simply take on one of our SMO packages and let us do the hard work for you.

We can:

  1. Create your Facebook account – and create the content that is interesting to your patients
  2. Setup Twitter – do all your tweeting for you – and build your followers
  3. Setup Linkedin profile built and kept up to date
  4. Create your Blog – maintain your blog posts – all hands free

Why You Need This?

The social media networks that your patients and their “friends and families” spend a lot of time in, are missing you if you are not there. Let’s not forget about the significant value your professional network can offer in recommendations via the ever popular Linkedin resource.

Pretty simple stuff really.

Out of sight – Out of mind.

As they say,

“If you want market share, you first must begin with mind share”.

Let’s face it, your competitors are all starting to pick up on this and running with it, so it is only a matter of time before you will need bow to this pressure. But don’t do it they way most of them are, sitting back late at night struggling to think of interesting things to post on Facebook, or trying figure out how to “shorten” your twitter post so it fits into the 140 character limit. There is a better, smarter way to cover all these bases.

But I Don’t Have Time!

We hear you loud and clear.

Don’t worry – we do have the time and expertise to setup all of this so you never have to do a single thing.

As far as your time involvement is concerned, if you allow CIM to look after all of this social media on your behalf, you will never have to do a thing, unless of course you want to send a tweet or  find something interesting that you would like others to know about.

We will show you how to do your Facebook and Twitter and Blogging all in a under 3 minutes a week, or zero minutes – it is entirely up to you.

So what are you waiting for, it’s time to get in touch with Cosmetic Image Marketing to discuss our Social Media Optimization packages today.

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