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Everyone wants to know the quick answer to, “Which is the best social media site for me to advertise?” There is truly no one answer to this question because this is largely dependent on how you want to advertise your cosmetic surgery practice.

The first step to determining the best social media networks for you is to keep it simple.   It is better to be very active in a few rather than spreading yourself too thin on many sites.  Quality is more important than quantity.

Besides, you can’t be everything to everybody.  You are a specialist and you have a very specific niche for potential cosmetic surgery patients.  So determine the top 3 social networks they are most active in and start there.

Here’s a quick list of the 3 most popular social networking sites to help you get started:

1.     Facebook: arguably the biggest and most popular.  The best thing about Facebook is that you can select a very specific demographic for social media advertising so that it only displays to your targeted audience.  As with all advertising, the key is to determine which ads work best for you and stick with it.  Test different versions of your ads to find the top 2 – 3 so you can rotate them to keep them fresh.

2.      YouTube: adding video to your marketing strategy is a smart move.   Videos are indexed higher by the search engines because the current trend is that people would rather watch a video than read.  Video gives you the perfect opportunity to educate your prospective patients and start the relationship with them by showcasing your personality.  Make sure your website and contact information is prominently displayed so that it’s easy for people to take action and contact you.

3.     Twitter: While this is more targeted to a “younger” audience, you can use this social networking site to share your content to attract visitors.  When you focus more on educating your followers rather than selling to them, you are laying the foundation for a strong relationship that will build over time.  Furthermore, while the younger crowd may not be your biggest niche, their parents and grandparents are.  Don’t get caught up spending too much time on Twitter, but add it to your overall strategy.

While these are the top 3 social networking sites, there is one more area of opportunity.  Make sure you research your local opportunities to add to the mix.  Establishing your presence via local social networking channels is one of the fastest ways to gain credibility because you are in the community.  You have a vested interest in helping your community flourish so the more you can demonstrate your commitment to your neighbors, the more receptive they are to your message.


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