International Speaker

One of the perks of being in this industry for so long is that I am invited to speak all over the world on topics related to the business and marketing side of plastic surgery. It also gives me an opportunity to meet new plastic surgeons and staff from diverse backgrounds as well as discover what’s new in technology and trends.


Want to Meet Up at a Conference?

A conference is a great opportunity to meet in person, catch up and pick my brain while I’m “off the clock”. 😉
Call or Text me at (415) 377-8700 so we can pick a day/time to meet up. See you there!

2024 Global Aesthetics Conference

Use code “Maley10” for 10% OFF Registration!

Published Articles

  • Use Financing as a Negotiation Tool, PSP
  • Understanding the Patient to Close More Procedures, ASPS PSN
  • 5 Beliefs That Cost You Thousands of Dollars, PSP
  • How to Market Your Practice Beyond Your City, HealthyAging
  • Tips to Avoiding Unhappy Patients, AACS Surge Magazine
  • Men Want to Look Good Too, Australian Advanced Aesthetics
  • Don’t Let the Lazy Days of Summer Melt Your Profits, ASAPS Aesthetic Surgery Journal
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  • Customizing and Tailoring for Patient Needs, Merge Magazine
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  • Marketing New Cosmetic Services Internally and Externally, Office-Based Facial Cosmetic Surgery, PSP
  • Reclaiming Profits in Your Practice, PSP
  • Virtual Consulting, Interviews with Top physicians throughout the US, PSP
  • What To Do With Fat? Interviews with physicians from around the US, PSP
  • How Doctors Throughout the US are Weathering the Economic Storm, Interviews with physicians from around the US, PSP
  • Promoting Your Aesthetic Services in the New Economy, PSP
  • How to Build a 100% Referral-Only Practice, PSP
  • The War of Wrinkle Relaxers, Interviews with physicians throughout the US, PSP
  • Developing an Effective Succession Plan for Your Practice, Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics Journal
  • 9 Worst Advertising Mistakes, Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics Journal
  • The Value of One Patient, Facial Plastic Surgery Clinics Journal
  • Selling the Invisible: 7 Simple Strategies to Increase Your Closing Ratios, ASAPS Aesthetic Surgery Journal
  • Beyond the Basics, MedEsthetics
  • When the Going Gets Tough, The Tough Go Marketing, co-authored with Neil Baum, MD, The Journal of Medical Practice Management
  • Branding Your Medical Practice, co-authored with Neil Baum, MD, The Ochsner Journal
  • Getting to the Top of Google Search, co-authored with Neil Baum, MD, The Ochsner Journal
  • Developing an Internet Presence for Your Practice, co-authored with Neil Baum, MD, The Ochsner Journal
  • The Patient Consultation – From the Patient’s Point of View, PSP
  • 10 Steps to a Successful Patient Consultation, Plastic Surgery Products
  • Marketing Your Aesthetic Practice in 2008, Plastic Surgery Products
  • Customizing Technology to Suit Patient Needs, Cosmetic Dermatology Times
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  • Understanding Staff Needs, MedEsthetics
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  • Business Software Solutions that Meet the Needs of MediSpas and Medical Aesthetic Practices, MedEsthetics
  • How to Design a Killer Ad That Gets a Response, MedEsthetics

Webinar Guest Speaker

  • Internal Marketing Strategies and External Media Marketing, ASAPS
  • Patients to Profits: Smart Marketing Strategies, Greenbranch Publishing
  • How to Market Palomar Services to Your Aesthetic Patients, Palomar Technologies
  • Aesthetics 101: Is it for Me?, Reliant Technologies
  • From “Brand to Buzz” – Effectively Marketing the Aesthetic Practice, CareCredit
  • How to Grow Your Practice Through Skin Care Sales, Cosmedical Technologies
  • How to Use Photography to Close More Procedures, Profect Medical
  • 10 Easy Ways to Use Your Microdermabrasion System to Grow Your Aesthetic Practice, Aesthetic Technologies
  • 3 Simple Things You Can Do to Help Search Engines Find Your Website, Etna Interactive
  • Shape Your Bottom Line in 2009, Eclipse

My Own Webinars for My Followers

  • New Patients – What’s Working?
  • See A Surge of Patients in 30 Days
  • Differentiating Yourself
  • How to Communicate Effectively With Your Patients
  • How to Become Famous in Your Community
  • What You Can Do to Have a Successful Year
  • How to Get Your Phones to Ring
  • How to Recession-Proof Your Aesthetic Practice
  • How to Make 2010 Better Than 2009
  • Anatomy of a 2- Million Dollar Aesthetic Practice Podcasts
  • Where is Facial Aesthetic Medicine Heading?
  • Interviews with Edwin Williams, MD and Theda Kontis, MD
  • 5 Easy Ways to Grow Your Practice by 20% in One Year by Catherine

Beauty and the Biz is for Plastic Surgeons who know they don’t know everything and are open to discovering the pearls to grow and scale a sellable asset when they’re ready to exit.

Listen in as Catherine interviews surgeons who talk about the business and marketing side of plastic surgery and listen to Catherine’s pearls from consulting with plastic surgeons since Year 2000.


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A Complete Guide to Understanding Your Aesthetic Patient and Growing Your Aesthetic Practice. Catherine Maley, MBA went straight to the aesthetic patient to get the answers you need to succeed with your patients.

Learn: Why Patients Buy Aesthetic Services, Why They Chose You Over Your Competitors, What You Did and Did Not Do to Satisfy Them, What You Can Do to Close More Procedures and Easy and Executable Marketing Strategies