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Ask Catherine

This Week’s Q&A Topic:  Your Staff IS Your Secret Practice-Building Weapon

Dear Catherine:

I have had a great group of women working for me for the past five years and they were doing a great job. However, something has shifted and I’m not sure what it is.

They don’t seem to be as motivated as before and one seems to have lost interest in even being here at all and it shows in her work.

What can I do to get them motivated again?

Dr. G

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. G,

I’m so glad you asked. Your staff can make or break your practice. They spend much more time with your patients than you so it’s vital they represent you professionally.

When it comes to hiring, motivating and keeping great staff for your cosmetic practice, it all starts with the WHO.

For many more “staffing pearls” watch my latest video of a 20-minute talk I gave talk on that very subject at the Global Aesthetics Conference in Miami this past weekend.

My talk called, “Helping Your Staff Help YOU Grow” is full of easy-to-execute pearls such as:

  • The most important factor when putting together your team
  • What staff needs from you to stay engaged
  • How you can motivate them to do their best
Catherine Speaks At Global Aesthetics Conference

Catherine Speaks At Global Aesthetics Conference

Staffing is always a challenge in any business because things change: people change, circumstances change, and the industry continues to change.

Staffing is a moving target so the best defense is to have a clear plan for finding the best A-players and then setting them up to succeed.


Where do YOU find great staff?
How do you motivate them to do their best?




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