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Did you know that 20-30% of potential new patients are lost on the first phone call to your practice and that . . .

9 out of 10 offices have poorly-trained staff who can’t convert callers to patients, costing them thousands of dollars a year in missed revenues. Are you one of them?

The number #1 complaint I get from doctors like yourself is they have great staff but they are just not skilled enough when it comes to promoting you to your patients. So, you hear callers hang up without scheduling and you watch prospective patients walk out your door without taking any action. Everything you do to promote your aesthetic practice will be a waste of time and money if your staff can’t close the callers or the visiting patients. Why spend thousands of dollars on a great advertisement if the new patients are met with unhelpful or unfriendly staff answering the phone? No ad is good enough to make up for poorly trained staff…

Anytime a prospective patient calls or visits your office, the staff gives her an impression about you and your practice. What impression is your staff giving your valuable prospective patients?

Think about it . . . You pay all of this overhead to salaried staff members to work with your aesthetic patients so you can focus on the medical side of your practice only to find that 7 out of 10 of the prospective patients who came in for a consultation decided to wait; or worse — decided to go to someone else!

You see your staff greeting the patients and it looks like things are going well. You watch the prospective patients talk with your staff and look at your photo albums of before/after photos. The staff introduces you and you have a solid consultation with the patient so you think you have a new patient . . . . . . Only to learn the would-be patient decided to wait or to “think it over” — never to be heard from again. Most doctors don’t realize just how much money is slipping through their fingers because their team is ill-prepared to handle patient inquiries effectively. I’ll give you a hint on the loss: if you are losing 1 patient a day at $2,000, do you realize that adds up to $100,000 per year that could have gone into your pocket?

Are you 100% sure your staff has the necessary skills to promote you and close the aesthetic patient?

For years now, I have called and met with practices to “mystery shop” to see how patient inquiries are handled – both on the telephone and in person at the consultation. Quite frankly, I’ve been shocked by what I have witnessed. No wonder prospective patients aren’t booking! As a prospective patient, I’ve been hung up on, curtly told to call back and my questions dismissed because they are interrupting the receptionist. As a visiting prospective patient, I’ve been ignored, rushed along, led through a factory-like setting and it goes on and on. You don’t even know how often your staff acts as the profit-prevention department rather than the customer service department ready to help, educate and advise.

Why Can’t Your Staff Convert?

Fact is your staff may be unknowingly sabotaging your best practice promotion efforts because they don’t have the skills or the training they need to close. I assure you — you would be shocked at some of the things your staff is saying to the patients that are making them run the other way.

But It’s Not Your Staff’s Fault — They Need Help!

Most likely, they are doing their best with the limited skills they have and would do better if they knew better. Turn your staff into money-making assets with the proper training. In order for staff to be able to convert calls from prospective patients to appointments and then convert appointments to procedures, they need to know how to effectively handle patient inquiries — it’s that simple. If You Give Your Staff the Magic Words, They Will Gratefully Use Them to Make You More Profitable! Clear and consistent communication with your prospective patients is, by far, the fastest way to convert them to eager, cash-paying, loyal patients. I guarantee your staff will be more effective and close more consultations and procedures if you give them the tools they need to bond with, sell to and close these prospective patients.

Introducing the Solution to Significantly Better Closing Ratios – Both on the Telephone and In-Person…. Guaranteed

  • Convert more callers.
  • Convert more consultations.
  • Guaranteed.

Your staff is struggling to do a good job for you but they don’t know how. These tools give them what they are starving for – the right way to handle your profitable patients so they say yes to your services!

Convert Callers to Appointments

Exceptional Receptionist Flip Chart, Guide Book, Audio CD

Convert Appointments to Procedures

Staff Scripting Guide Book & Audio CD There is nothing else like these tools in the aesthetic market today because not many others have the sales, marketing and aesthetic background I do.

Get Yours Now

How Do I Know What Your Staff Needs?

I have 20 years of experience in direct face-to-face selling, combined with more than $76,000 I have invested in conferences, workshops, sales programs, books, tapes and videos to bring these scripting products to you. My first office job was as a receptionist for a high-end engineering firm and my only job was to portray our firm as the best.  I have answered telephones at practices I have consulted with for the past decade so I know where the pitfalls and challenges lie. I also interviewed your prospective patients for my book and they told me:

  • What they liked and didn’t like about you
  • Why they chose you over your competitor – or not
  • What you could have done to win them over

I’m giving your staff the actual words to say so they can:

  • answer patient inquiries effectively so they book more appointments
  • say the right words to close procedures
  • handle pricing objections smoothly
  • ask for the order, the appointment or the deposit
  • help the patient make a decision now
  • sound like a professional and not a pushy salesperson
  • And all the time, treat the patients the way they want to be treated.

You get new patients, happier patients, happier staff, and more profits! And that adds up to many more thousands of dollars in revenues to you, happy patients who like calling and visiting you, and satisfied patients who refer you to their friends because they trust you will take good care of them – just like you did with them.

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[testimonial name=”Cameron L. Smith, MD” company=”” href=”” image=””]

Of all the marketing material I have read and used, Catherine’s are by far the best. Her Staff Guide Book outlines in detail the process of one on one marketing down to the little things that often turn out to be the difference between success and failure in closing a consult.


[testimonial name=”Renee A. Glover, MD” company=”” href=”” image=””]

I caught the PM receptionist using one of the lines from -Exceptional Receptionist- to snag a potential Botox patient who was there to have her son seen for acne! Thank you for your excellent ideas.


[testimonial name=”Michelle Jones Singer” company=”” href=”” image=””]

Your book, along with the receptionist and staff books have helped a great deal. As a matter of fact, I review them all often.