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This Week’s Question: Steady Stream of Cosmetic Patients

Dear Catherine,

I spend between $15-$20K per month on marketing for new cosmetic patients. A big majority of my profits goes to spending money on google adwords and banner advertising and the rest is divided up between local magazine print ads and a billboard.

The problem is my revenues are so inconsistent.  I’ll have a couple of great months where I’m super busy and then its dead the next month.

I’m not doing anything differently so how can I set this up so I have more certainty that what we’re doing works EVERY month so I can be sure we stay busy and the revenues keep up with my overhead costs?

Dr. K

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. K,

I am hearing that question more often so thanks for asking.

Doesn’t it seem like it’s getting more difficult, and a lot more expensive, to CONSISTENTLY attract new cosmetic patients to your practice?

That’s because it IS getting more difficult to attract patients.

It’s not your imagination and it’s not necessarily what you’re doing. You could be doing many things right but its just not enough for today’s crowded marketplace.

Here’s the problem…

Over the years I’ve seen that focusing on just ONE thing doesn’t work because, these days, your new patients are living in a multi-channel world.

Steady Stream of Patients BlueprintThey are…

– Checking in with their friends
– Checking mail in their mailbox
– Checking their emails
– Checking Facebook and a zillion other social sites
– Checking Internet search engines

So you need a multi-prong approach to hit your new prospective patients on multiple channels.

So you are suddenly everywhere and you become the obvious choice in a crowded marketplace.

The secret is to set up a SYSTEM for creating a powerful 12-month marketing plan so that you can:

– Predictably and reliably acquire new cosmetic patients throughout the year;Steady Stream of Patients

–  Increase your average customer’s lifetime value so that EVERY patient is worth more to you…today, tomorrow, and far into the future;

–  Generate more referrals for your practice without hoping, guessing or waiting for your patients to “mention your name” because you’ll have a system to make referrals happen like clockwork;

–  Generate cosmetic patients and cash surges on a whim…because you set up a predictable profit-producing machine.

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Frankly, I should be charging for this but it’s summer and you might be slow so I wanted to give you the secrets to avoid these dips from now on.

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Steady Stream of Patients Blueprint

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