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Let me ask you a question. How different is your consultation when it’s with a patient who already knows you or a prospective patient referred to you, versus the complete stranger that shows up in your office from the Internet?

Isn’t it a completely difference experience for you? When it’s a stranger, don’t you feel as if you’re “performing” and selling yourself because you know darn well you’re probably one of several consultations they’re going to – so you have to be at your best and SELL yourself.  Don’t you hate that?

On the other hand, isn’t it great when your current patient already knows, likes, and trusts you?  Or when the prospective patient comes so highly recommended from their girlfriend who they gushed about how great you are is already pre-sold on you?

Just recently I was speaking at a medical meeting and one of the physicians told me after two or three of those consultations with strangers, he feels drained.

My response is STOP SELLING!

Let your patients do it for you.  Keep in touch with them, give them a consistent result every time, and they’ll attract new patients for you.


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