New Success Strategy #2: Create a Great Patient Experience

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It’s more important than ever that every patient who connects with your office has a great experience every single time – while on the telephone or while visiting in person.

That includes a pleasant receptionist, friendly staff, smooth processes and a comfortable physical environment.

See, hear, smell, experience your office as a new patient would.  Better yet, have your neighbor, a good friend or a 3-rd party stranger act as a mystery shopper and report back their findings on what they liked about your office visit and what could be improved upon.

This will help push you to be in a constant state of improvement so your patients enjoy their time with you enough to return again and again.

Do You Have the Right Team in Place?

It’s imperative every person employed by you believes in you, your services and your success in aesthetic medicine.  They must represent you to the best of their ability and they must care.

The point is for them to work together as a team to provide the best service possible.  That means you have a team that follows systems like a well-oiled machine – even when you’re not there.

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Article by Catherine Maley, MBA, Author, Your Aesthetic Practice and President, Cosmetic Image Marketing

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