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Things can slow down a lot in the aesthetic industry during Summer – if you don’t do anything.

After working with aesthetic patients for the past 14 years and watching social trends, here’s what I know that can help you turn your Summer Slump into revenues:

Times have changed. Whatever used to be true about aesthetic rejuvenation patients decades ago is different now thanks to social, economic and technical trends today. For example…

  • Cosmetic patients are newly single and want to look their best
  • Kids stay with their Dad all summer so Mom has “me time”
  • Business slows down so it’s the only time of year to take time off work
  • Latest technologies offer results with minimal downtime
  • Half-year or quarterly bonus payout pays for enhancements
  • Divorce settlement comes in and pays for enhancements

The demand for rejuvenation is YEAR-ROUND.  You may just need to work a bit harder in the summer to attract patients to you. Here are three simple Summer Tips to heat up your revenues:

Summer Tip #1  Themed Promotions Around MI Procedures  Prepare a series of themed email blasts to your current patients.  Make it fun and entertaining by including catchy titles such as “Sizzle This Summer” or “You’re Hot!” Encourage them to take advantage of very special summer savings that expire when summer ends so they visit you NOW rather than wait for Fall.


Tip #2   In-House Skincare Events Hold lunchtime events in your practice for small groups. Invite your current patients and their friends to learn more about year-around skincare and health. Your ancillary staff can present on the latest trends in facial peels, skincare ingredients and how to protect your skin from the Sun. Include demonstrations and everyone gets sunblock on their way out.

Tip #3   Surgical Summer Special Promotion Mail a personalized, private letter to patients and prospective patients who are interested in surgical or big-ticked procedures but are still thinking about it. Be transparent and tell them since things slow down for you in the summer, you are willing to offer them an incentive for having their surgery now. This might be just want they needed to jump off the fence and say YES!

Discover a lot more strategies to keep you and your staff busy and your revenues flowing at my next Webinar….

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