Everybody is Enjoying Summer – Are You?

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Everybody is Enjoying Summer – Are You?

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Ask Catherine

This Week’s Question: Everybody is Enjoying Summer – Are You?

Dear Catherine,

Summertime is always slow in my practice.  Rather then having my staff stand around for two weeks while I’m on vacation, I’m considering closing down the practice to save money.

Is that common practice? Do other surgeons do the same or what do they do when they want to take a vacation?

Dr. E

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. E,

Thank you for your question.  While many cosmetic practices close when their surgeon goes on vacation, the best-run practices use this time as an opportunity to “better their best”, as well as keep revenues flowing with or without the surgeon.

Here’s another approach you could take.  If you have the right team in place, have a staff meeting to explain you want to leave them in charge while you’re away and brainstorm a checklist of reasonable tasks and moneymaking strategies they can fulfill while you’re gone:

–       Work with your vendors to promote minimally-invasive services to your current patients. Your vendors want to see you succeed using their products and services. They have great ideas (and budgets as well as inventory) to fund and/or put together fun and compelling specials; i.e., buy one – get one free.

–       Hold Summer Skin Care events in your office talking about Summer quick fixes. You can conduct live demonstrations of injectables, peels and facials and offer the attendees an incentive for saying YES now.

And, have your staff work on tasks they complain they never have time to do during the busy year. For example,

–       Update your social media accounts by completing your fields; add new photos of you, your staff, and your office.

–       Clean up your office, organize your files.

–       Update your in-house signage and menu of services.

–       Improve your processes. Go through every step in your patient’s process to tighten it up and make it better, faster or easier.  For example, how can you convert more calls, eliminate no-shows, convert more consults?

–       Staff Training.  Ongoing, never-ending improvement is how you compete today. Work with your receptionist(s) to improve their scripts and your coordinator on how to get to a YES during their consultations.

Now when you return from vacation, go over the checklist with your staff to be sure they completed the tasks and brought in revenues that otherwise would not have happened.


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