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Train Your Staff to Convert 30% More Callers and 30%-50% More Consultations….for Free

Your Staff Needs Help:

How frustrating is it to spend all day on new patient consultations and nobody books? 

What a colossal waste of your valuable time.

The difference between a 20% conversion rate and a 70% conversion rate is many, many thousands of dollars.
It can also be the difference between a 6- or 7- or even 8-figure cosmetic practice.

How much is it worth to YOU to have your front desk team converting 30% more callers AND/OR your coordinators converting 30%-50% more of your consultations?

$200,000? $350,000? $700,000 per year? This is extra revenue just waiting to be had!

There’s an easy fix…
Train your staff to professionally convert callers and consultations and get these results:

Here’s what other surgeons said about having their coordinators professionally trained:

Plastic Surgery Consult

"Her strategies and scripts almost immediately increased our conversion rate by 15% and the staff sounds much more professional and confident. "

Alex Matz, MD

Canada Vein Clinics

Plastic Surgeon Consulting Services

"Our consult conversions were running at 40-50%. Then we attended Catherine’s online training and implemented her strategies. They immediately increased conversion rates to 75-80%."

Anthony Corrado

Corrado Facial Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Consult

"Our close rate went from 35% to 80%"

Sam Assassa, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Here’s a Sweetheart Deal
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Simply invest in one membership club of your choice below and the rest of your staff get in for FREE.

phone club
Plastic Surgery Advisor

Here’s what you get….

All of your staff has Unlimited Access for 3 months to Converting Video Modules + Deliverables + Supporting Materials to help hold staff accountable, for these Topics:

Plastic Surgery Marketing Consultant

Convert CallersGreeting / Mindset / Transferring / Bonding / Answering Questions / How Much Is It? / Ask for Appointment / Consult Fee / Angry Callers and more….

Convert Consults: Mindset | Understanding the Cosmetic Patient | The Decision-Making Process | The Patient Visit | Bonding with the Patient | Fact-finding and Qualifying | Position the Physician | Presenting the Quote | Closing Strategies | Price Negotiating Strategies | Handling Objections | Follow Up Strategies

Plastic Surgeon Consulting Services

Regularly: $997 for 3 months for ONE
Sweetheart Deal: All Staff Gets Access for FREE

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