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Not everyone will be able to afford your aesthetic services like before so it’s a good strategy to focus on those patients who are least likely to be affected by changes in the economy and last affected by changes in the economy.

So, one of your strategies should be to target your older, more mature patients who are more affluent versus your younger patients.  That’s just obvious because your mature patients have more concerns such as wrinkles, crepe skin, sagging body parts and sun damage.  They are also more likely to have the financial wherewithal to afford your services.

The affluent, mature patient will appreciate the quality of service you provide.  They will notice, applaud and react favorably to your commitment to them and to being better than your competitors.

But remember, these higher-value patients want to be respected, they expect competence, and they want no hassle and no tension from their service providers.  They can afford and are willing to pay for the best information, the best products, the highest level of competence and the best professional service available.

And, they too, are affected by social pressures.  Many of these high-end patients are experiencing new phases in their lives such as:

– New job or job layoff
– New marriage or suddenly single
– Upcoming life events, etc.

The point is there are millions of Americans, especially 76 million Baby Boomers, who will do what they need to in order to enjoy a full, active life while looking and feeling good doing it.

By the way, this group of people will see the biggest transference of wealth in history in way of inheritance.

Tip:  Identify who your high-end (mature and affluent) patients are and then focus 80% of your efforts on them.


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