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Thank Your Cosmetic Patients

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Ask Catherine

Today’s Topic: Thank Your Patients

Dear Catherine,

Thanksgiving is coming up and it feels like the right time of year for me to thank my patients but there are rules in our industry on the subject of “gift-giving” so do you have any suggestions?

Dr. W

Catherine´s Answer

Dear Dr. W,

Thanks for a great question and perfect timing!

You can never say “Thank You” too much to your patients who support you by returning, referring and reviewing. They are the ones who grow your practice and allow you to live a nice lifestyle and they should NOT be taken for granted.

But, you want to be careful you are not seen as “bribing” or “fee splitting” with patients so they refer their friends and family to you so here’s a checklist for simple ways to thank your patients for their support:

  • Change your phone greeting to say, “Thank you for calling Dr. Smith’s office. Catherine speaking. How may I help you today?
  • Send a thank you reminder for those who booked an appointment and include what they can expect during their visit.
  • When they are checking out, be sure to thank them for coming and thank them for paying.
  • Send them out the door with a reminder/gift card toward their next visit and include a small gift (such as candy, or a skin care sample)
  • If they came for a consultation, send a quick email thanking them for visiting as well as a handwritten card including a personal note about something you discussed with them.


  • Anytime they refer a new patient to you, thank them by: calling them, send thank you note and thank them in person.


  • Hold an annual Patient Appreciation Event and have a fun night of food, fun and bonding.

The point is that everyone wants to feel appreciated and acknowledged for their good deeds so brainstorm with your staff to come up with other ways you can thank your patients. It will come back in droves.

What do you do now to thank your patients?

What have you wanted to do but haven’t done to thank them?


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