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Cosmetic Surgery Marketing Starts with the Right Team in Place

By:  Catherine Maley, MBA, Author, Your Aesthetic Practice


The aesthetic patient is a fickle consumer.  The patient who wants cosmetic surgery is engulfed in emotions.  They are uncomfortable about a physical aspect they want removed, enhanced or rejuvenated and that leads to vulnerability.  They are most likely confused about what to do and who should do it.   When they do call your office and visit you in person, they expect a good patient experience every time.

Setting up the right team to represent your cosmetic surgery practice is imperative when attempting to attract and convert these cosmetic surgery patients.


Is your aesthetic staff helping or hurting your practice?

The team you surround yourself with can make or break your cosmetic surgery practice – period.

Getting the right team players on board is difficult and ever-changing but vital to your success.

So, do you have the right team in place? And, do they know their main job is to promote you and your aesthetic services and that starts with impeccable customer service?  It’s imperative every staff person who works for you knows exactly what is expected of them.

If you’re not sure if you’re surrounded by team players, hold a friendly staff referral contest.

Keep it short and simple. Give your staff refer-a-friend cards with their name on them so you can track their efforts.  Use business-size cards since they are inexpensive to print and your staff can conveniently carry them with them during their daily lives.

Now for the next 30 days, they should refer their family, friends, hair salon stylist, gym buddies, club members, etc.  Whoever has the most referrals come in for an appointment within the 30 days wins the grand prize which should have been on display in the lunchroom the entire month to keep them motivated.   You want to make this a great prize such as an iPod, flat screen TV or whatever.

But here’s the point.  You’ll find out whom your team players are and if you have staff that didn’t bother to participate; I suggest you find new staff.

Where can you find the right cosmetic surgery practice team players?


Good candidates are everywhere good service is provided.  Think outside the box.  Look for new cosmetic surgery practice team members at a high-end restaurant you dine at, at your exclusive hair salon, retail boutiques, the department store cosmetic counter or anywhere else quality services and products are sold.  Talk with the well-groomed, well-trained staff that understand the importance of awesome customer service and find out if they are interested in making a change.  They’ve already demonstrated they know how to treat customers so they are most likely going to treat your aesthetic patients with the same quality service.


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