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The SEO Plan – Monthly Package To Search Domination

Every SEO strategy is tailored to suit each individual doctor’s needs, according their locality and highly searched keyword phrases that are commercially viable, obtainable for top rankings rapidly and important to your practice.

With a well researched data set in place (see SEO Initial Reports), Cosmetic Image Marketing SEO is primed and ready to formulate The SEO Plan that will be achievable and sustainable for your practice. No two plans are the same but they all cover off the same basic proven methods of content creation and promotion, that produce the results you need.

Get #1 and Stay There – hard to do but worth it – when done correctly will drive more patients to your practice and increase your revenues.

So What Do We Do For You?

CIM SEO essentially aligns your content in a harmonious fashion that is both pleasing to website visitors and the major search engines. The most important of these search engines being Google, whom are our primary target when we aim for the top #1 position. This being so, Google loves CONTENT. Original, informative and up to date content is what we create and have published across the Internet in the right places that demonstrate to Google that you are THE authority in your area for the target subject or keyword as the case may be.

The Content We Create Monthly Covers:

  • Article Writing – general  informative articles written with the target patient in mind
  • Article Distribution – publishing of our written articles and assistance with distribution of your written materials when appropriate
  • Press Releases – we suggest topics and write appropriate monthly press releases that drive traffic and create powerful back links
  • Social Media Interaction – blog contribution, forum posting and social media sites bookmarking create power link juice
  • Web 2.0 Publishing – self publishing platforms that provide solid authority in Google’s eyes to boost page rank

These things are all created with the appropriate links that point to your individual landing pages that we optimize or assist your web master to optimize so that all the code elements, visually appealing content, and marketing messages are in the right place. It is no use ranking #1 on Google for a keyword if the directions on the web page are not clear to the visitor.

The On Page Optimization Process:

  • Directions on code tweaks for your web master
  • Instructions on marketing components for each landing page
  • Assistance on the presentation of the target pages that attract web traffic

Monitor and Report Monthly:

  • Rank Tracking – progress reports in easy to read visual  presentations
  • Keyword Alerts – when another doctor beings to publish content with the same keyword focus we monitor what happens and report counter strategies
  • General Rank & Content Monitoring Video Report – each month we deliver short video reports that explain the progress and time frame expectations of the targeted keyword – all this available inside the private member area of our reports portal on our website – as a member, you can access this anywhere, anytime.

Time Frame and Expectations:

  • Time frames for typical pathways to the top of page one on Google are usually 3 months – we target keywords that have high numbers of searches and are obtainable – some can take years but these are definitely not tackled first
  • It is impossible to predict exact time frames as the technical wizards at Google are constantly shifting the goal posts, this is important to remember: we are trying to hit  moving target – we  keep our finger on the Google pulse and shift accordingly.
  • We don’t do what many other SEO’s do and that is what sets us apart from the competition. We monitor what works, we do our own lab work and, when proven, apply it to your website and links. We also don’t just do the same things every month. We vary the process and procedures to create a natural or organic looking footprint to the search engines
  • We tend to stay away from reciprocal linking. This can work in oppostion to good rankings and many fall into this trap – CIM SEO never does.
  • We don’t waste our time or your money on over zealous directory links. Many try this on bad advice and find the results are fairly week and for obvious reasons: Google can see what this is, a direct effort to manipulate search rankings
  • Conquer and sustain one keyword at any one time – total focus and unfailing attention to detail and commitment to get that top ranking, see the traffic or website visitors through the doors of your practice BEFORE we put in place any effort to tackle the next valuable keyword on the list
  • And last but not least we listen to you and make changes that support the progressive nature of every growing business

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