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I don’t need to tell you how challenging it’s gotten for you as a plastic 
surgeon to attract good quality leads that convert to paid procedures.

However, there are three money-making profit centers plastic surgeons focus on
that make the biggest difference.

A plastic surgery practice thrives on the revenues from paid procedures coming in
consistently so the bills are paid and you, the surgeon, has breathing
room to do what you love to do…. surgery.

But here’s the thing… anyone can “get” leads. Surgeons tell me regularly
they pay top dollar for Website design and Google ad-words. And, they
invest their valuable time answering questions on RealSelf to help keep
these leads coming in.

But here’s what typically happens….

These same plastic surgeons are excited the phones are ringing and they
are getting new lead notifications from their Website folks. Their staff is
working double time (evenings and weekends) to be the first responder
that gets to the prospective patient before the competitors do.

This “busy-ness” makes the surgeon feel in control because if they are so
busy, they must be successful, right?

But that’s when the cracks start to show:

  • The staff is complaining they are too busy and you need to hire
    more people to take the pressure off of them;
  • The leads are perceived to be of poor quality and discarded as
    “price shoppers” so your staff brushes them off and throws them
    in the dead lead pile;
  • Your staff turnover increases because they feel overworked and
    underpaid. They are overwhelmed with juggling the phones, new
    consults, preparing quotes, admin, returning calls, pre-op and
    post-op visits, all while you expect them to provide great
    customer service.

And, to top it off, YOU start second-guessing the quality of the leads
in comparison to the time, money, and effort you and your staff put
into these leads that aren’t booking.

But you stay the course and think about hiring more staff but you
already pay a healthy amount of overhead to staff salaries, benefits and
incentives so you tell your staff they have to generate more revenues
before you can afford the additional staff.

But they told you it would take more staff before they can generate
more revenues so you go around and around. So what do you do?

You stop and ask smart questions such as…

How DO we make money?

The answer is by performing surgeries and other big-ticket procedures,

So here’s what you do…

You focus on the (3) Money-Making Profit Centers generating the
most revenues and here they are:

New Cosmetic Surgery Patient Lead Generation

Obviously, this is one of the most important ways to grow your practice.
If your phone doesn’t ring, you won’t get any appointments,
consultations and procedures.

But as you will see, busy phone lines are not necessarily a guarantee for

What is the best way to generate new leads for your practice?


This is where you give thousands of dollars per month to technical
people to use their expertise to get you ranked over the millions of
other websites competing for search engine rankings.

But it’s difficult to understand what you get for your investment
when you watch your rankings go up and down because Google changes
the rules whenever they feel like it so you are in the dark about how this
all works. You hope the guys you pay know what they’re doing.

Pay Per Click?

Otherwise known as Google ad-words, this one costs money and
expertise since you are bidding on key words against your competitors.

A big budget is needed here because you need to outbid your
competitors to ensure you show up on top; however, you also need
super good copy and a sales funnel that leads the “would-be patient who
clicked on your ad” through to your message to encourage them to call
you for an appointment.


They were super popular a few years ago until Google decided they were
gaming the system for search results so they were de-listed and many
practices saw their rankings plummet overnight.

RealSelf is one directory Google favors but it comes with its own
challenges. YOU are the content and must monitor, read questions and
provide answers regularly and consistently. Or, you also can pay
thousands per months for spotlights but usually the good key words are
already taken.

Social Media?

This includes Instagram, Snapchat, blogging, your fan page, Linkedin, FB,
twitter and many more social media sites that help you get in front of

more prospective patients.

This lead generating channel costs time because it’s all about real-time
communications with “the world”.

It’s all about education + entertainment so you must produce tons of
fresh, up-to-the-minute content.

However, the audience tends to be younger and distracted so its tough
to monetize. It’s also difficult to track results since there can be a lot of
clicking going on and you can lose track of the referral source. That puts
you at a loss to know where to spend your marketing dollars.

But lead generation is just the first step. It’s what you DO with these
leads you get that changes everything. For example….

Cosmetic Surgery Patient Lead Conversions

How well does your receptionist convert callers into appointments? It’s
great if your phone is ringing off the hook, but if your receptionist
doesn’t convert these callers into appointments, it doesn’t really matter.

Your receptionist’s conversion rate will have a dramatic impact on your
bottom line. So it’s vital to your success to keep an eye on THIS part of
your practice.

Next, how many of the prospective patients who booked an
appointment are actually showing up?

You and your patient coordinator block time for a consultation, and if
your prospective patients are not showing up for their appointments,
your valuable time is wasted not to mention the wasted time your staff
is now standing around getting paid for unproductive time.

How well do you and your patient care coordinator convert? 

So let’s say they did show up for their consultation. Did they book a
procedure? Everything that happened until this point is just “pre-

You don’t get paid for consultations. You only get paid if you
can successfully convert a consultation into a paid procedure.

Therefore, THIS step has the biggest impact on your bottom line.

The better you convert consultations into procedures, the more revenues
you’ll make for your practice.

Cosmetic Surgery Patient Lead Follow Up

How frustrating is it to spend a ton of money, staff time and resources
on internet marketing for new cosmetic patient leads only to have those
very leads come in as prospective patients and leave as prospective patients….STILL.

You can’t afford to waste any more time or money on marketing if you
are not converting these leads….

It’s too competitive, it’s too crowded and it’s too expensive NOT to
do everything within your control to convert these Internet leads
into paid procedures.

Here’s the reality…..Only a very small minority of patients are ready to
buy NOW.

Plastic surgery is a big deal. Most patients ponder this decision for a
long time. When I interviewed patients for my book, they told me they
waited years before actually pulling the trigger.

So they are interested in solving a problem they believe they have BUT
they may not ready to go for it YET due to fear, doubt and uncertainty.

So, they research some more, think some more and continue to

The question becomes, do you have a plan to stay in front of these
“pondering patients” so they choose you when they are ready?

If not, you are throwing money down the drain that could have been
yours with minimal effort.

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Three Money-Making Profit Centers Plastic Surgeons Focus On

Here is what you will discover:

  • What the most successful practices focus on to gain market share;
  • How to increase revenues 10% more in each of these (3) areas which compounds to 33% increase for the year; and
  • How to spend lesson practice promotion and more on patient care so your patients become your raving fans who return and refer.



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