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Tip #2  Give them a WOW patient experience every time.
Patient relations are the key to aesthetic medicine.  Every patient who calls your office and walks through your door must enjoy the experience – every single time.  They need to be happy they connected with you and comfortable enough to move forward.

Rapport-building is crucial.  They want to feel a bond with you and know you care about them first as a person, second as a patient. Do everything possible to make these patients feel welcomed, special and significant.  Here are some key points to remember:

Answer the telephone with enthusiasm and interest.
Greet the visiting patient warmly using eye contact, an open smile, and a friendly handshake.
Use the patient’s name and welcome them or welcome them back to the practice.
Offer them refreshments and be sure they move through each step in your process comfortably.

By the way, you never want the patient to feel rushed through the process, or pressured in any way since that can come back to bite you.


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