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Tip #3 Set realistic expectations
Use every tool possible to clearly explain the outcome this patient can expect from you in a way they will most likely understand.  Patients learn through hearing, touching, seeing, feeling so use as many of their senses as possible to help the patient comprehend what is possible for them in their particular situation.  For example, try any of the following:

  • Provide a detailed, easy-to-understand report about the procedure.
  • – Display patient testimonials in story form describing what their concern was, what you did for them and how they feel now.
  • Digital Photo Frames full of before/after patient photos of good/great/exceptional results.
  • Use a variety of patient ages, ethnicities and skin type of demographics so the patient can identify with certain patients just like them.
  • Display testimonial album filled with patient surveys, notes, accolades and emails thanking you for helping them look and feel better.

By the way, I learned in my book that the more photos patients see, the more credible and experienced the physician seemed to the patient.


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