Tips to Avoiding Unhappy Patients – Tip #6 and 7

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Tip #6 Give them a good result
Give your patient the best result possible – one that you are proud of and would have done on your own family member. If you can’t, have a back-up strategy to come as close as possible.

Tip #7 Be open and receptive to negative feedback
No matter how careful you are or how much you prepare the patient, somebody will be unhappy – that’s life.  Don’t hide from or ignore this patient because they will not go away.  Simply have a process in place to address the unhappy patient.

If they are being unreasonable, it’s best to do whatever you can to appease them and then excuse them from your practice.  Given today’s Internet social media outlets, you don’t need the negativity and bad exposure from patients passing along negative comments about you.


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