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Catherine Maley

Catherine Maley, MBA
Author and Aesthetic Industry Marketing Expert

Catherine Maley is a noted speaker, author and consultant in the Aesthetic Industry. As a 50 year-old female Baby-Boomer herself, she knows personally what it’s like to want to look as good as you feel and the emotions that go with that. She can help you navigate through the minds of your aesthetic patients so you attract more perfect patientsand close more procedures.

For two years, she meticulously interviewed aesthetic patients to learn what they liked and didn’t like about their doctors, the staff, the processes and their overall experience.

Insights into their buying patterns and their decision-making processes are compiled in her acclaimed book, Your Aesthetic Practice: A Complete Guide: What Your Aesthetic Patients Are Saying.

Quick Blitz Tool Kit for Aesthetics

Done-for-You, Quick and Easy Proven Strategies to Get Cash Flowing Through Your Aesthetic Practice Within 30 Days – Guaranteed!

Dear Doctor:

You may be feeling the downturn in the economy. Your aesthetic practice revenues may be in a slump.

Your aesthetic revenues could be down due to new competition in the area, negative media coverage about the economy or whatever.

You may be noticing you have more money going out to cover your overhead costs than you have coming in and that is worrisome.

You may even be waking up at night worrying about your future and how you’re going to sustain your aesthetic practice with all the negativity happening around you.

You know you need to do something to turn this doom around but what?

You don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on ads in your local publications. You’ve done that before and you were disappointed in the response – or lack thereof. You never did determine if it was the ad itself, the position of the ad, the day you ran the ad or some other mystery.

You don’t want to waste time and money “testing” your own ideas to promote your practice because while you think they are sound ideas, you may not understand the aesthetic patient well enough to predict how they will react to your speculative efforts.

You certainly don’t want to do nothing because that will continue this slump and you’ll dig a bigger hole that you will need to climb out of eventually.

You want peace of mind knowing you have consistent revenues coming in and you want to feel good knowing you are being proactive about sustaining a prosperous aesthetic practice that is successful and active with cash-paying patients.

Are You Looking for a Simple Solution to Attract More Aesthetic Patients to Your Practice?

I hope so. You need a quick and easy way to get your telephones ringing with cash- paying aesthetic patients who are interested in and will spend their disposable income to look as good as they feel.

You require a simple plan you and your staff can easily execute that does not need any special education, unique skills and anxious months of waiting to see if it works.

Introducing the Quick Blitz Tool Kit for Aesthetics

You’ll enjoy instant results as well as long-term results that will grow your revenues and patient database within weeks using this proven system.

This Quick Blitz Tool Kit for Aesthetics provides everything you need to enjoy a surge in your aesthetic practice within 30 days. What you can expect from my proven system:

  1. New revenues from current patients
  2. More referrals from your happy patients
  3. More procedures performed per patient
  4. More strategic alliances to grow your database
  5. Wake up sleeping and long-lost patients and more . . .

This took kit is complete with fill-in-the-blank practice promotions to get your phones ringing with cash-paying aesthetic patients.

This Program is Not For Everyone!

This results-proven program is specifically designed for the aesthetic physician who:

1) Has a database of at least 1,500 active and inactive patients

2) Has a software program that allows patients to be segmented by:

  • Gender
  • Birthday month
  • Age
  • Procedures performed
  • Revenues per patient per year

3) Has at least one internal staff person who is enthusiastic about executing new and fun ideas to grow your aesthetic practice and will be accountable for implementing these simple marketing strategies.

4) Is open-minded to trying new proven strategies that work if you let them and who is committed to seeing these marketing strategies executed.

”Catherine was an intricate part of growing our LASIK and cosmetic practice and she would certainly be an asset to any physician wanting to grow their practice and make the most of their marketing budget.“

– Brian Bonanni, MD, Board Certified Ophthalmologist

“So, What Do I Get in the Quick Blitz Tool Kit that will Bring Me Profitable Aesthetic Patients?”

You get everything you need to enjoy a surge in your aesthetic practice within 30 days.

Here’s what’s included:

Staff Training Guide Book and CDs. Gives your staff valuable training advice on how to answer the telephones, bond with the patients and promote you and your practice so the patients choose you over others. (Value $199)

My Aesthetic Book called “Your Aesthetic Practice/What Your Patients are Saying”. This succinct, no-frills book will guide you through the mind of the aesthetic patient and help you understand:

  • Why patients choose you over your competitors
  • Why patients buy more services from you
  • Why patients visit you more often
  • Why patients stay loyal to you and refer their friends

(Value $24.95)

“We-Miss-You” Note Cards for those patients you haven’t seen for awhile. Wake up sleeping patients or those that wandered off and need to return. (25 designed note cards with envelopes you just sign and stamp. (Value to design, print and mail $150)

Birthday Cards. (25 designed note cards with envelopes for you to sign and stamp) (Value to design, print and mail $150)

Refer-a-Friend/Ambassador Program (25 designed note cards w/envelopes for you to sign and stamp) (Value to design, print and mail $150)

Thank You and Visit Again Soon Note Cards. (25 designed notes cards with envelopes for you to sign and stamp) (Value to design, print and mail $150)

Telephone Tracking Form to track your results. See my Satisfaction Guarantee. I want you to track results because if you don’t see any, you get your money back – no questions asked. (Value $479)

In-House Posters (3) eye-catching signs printed on nice paper you just frame and hang. (Value $400 to design and print) (frames not included)

How To Run Digital Photo Albums in each exam room. (albums not included)

Patient Cosmetic Survey to grow awareness and desire for your aesthetic services. (just copy onto your letterhead) (Value $97)

No-Show Policy to frame and display to eliminate costly no-shows. (Value $102) (Frame not included)

If you had to purchase all of the above separately, it would cost you more than $2,695!

Here is what you can expect in terms of results from your Quick Blitz Tool Kit for Aesthetics:Quick Blitz Tool Kit for Aesthetics

Here is what you can expect in terms of results from your Quick Blitz Tool Kit for Aesthetics:

Action Response Avg. Order Avg. Total Revenues

Email Messages 6 $300 $1,800

Monthly Birthday Cards 5 $300 $1,500

We Miss You Note Cards 5 $300 $1,500

Thank You Note Cards 5 $300 $1,500

So, not only will you experience a surge in cash, you’ll be happier and more relaxed and so will your staff. You won’t have to push them to promote your practice because they have the tools and direction they need to make marketing as easy as fill-in-the-blanks.

And, when you eliminate the frustrations and tension in the office and in your staff, they will be happier and more relaxed and your patients will be as well. They will also be more loyal to you because you are showing that you care about them.

Your entire office will flow better when you have a steady stream of qualified and committed aesthetic patients.

“So, how much is this Quick Blitz Took Kit That Gives My Practice the Push it Needs?”

The beauty (pun intended) of this tool kit is that is absolutely Free if you do not get the results outlined above.

100% Satisfaction “We Want You Happy” Guarantee

Nothing is more important to me than my credibility and reputation in the aesthetic industry. I am so serious about providing you with practical, useful tools that are proven and effective that I guarantee them. If you execute the tools in this tool kit and do not get back 2x your investment, please return it for a full refund. I promise because I want you happy so we can develop a life long relationship.

Just know if you were to do this on your own, think about the costs you would incur:

You’d have to attend numerous seminars (registration fees, air, hotel and food) and read more than 200 books (up to $5,000 investment) to learn all you could about:

  1. Selling Aesthetics
  2. Advertising
  3. Marketing
  4. Managing Staff
  5. Graphic Design
  6. Direct Mail
  7. Psychology

You’d have to spend time away from the practice and your family to get the above education you need

You’d need to experience a direct sales job and cold call and sell face-to-face for 25 years to truly understand the sales process

You’d need to hang around aesthetic patients, go to their events, read the same publications, watch the same programs they watch to understand their tastes and prefeences

You’d have to go by trial and error and costly mistakes to figure out what works and doesn’t work (you may have done a fair amount of this already)

You’d have to suffer through delays in the execution of your ideas because your staff doesn’t know how to do it; nor do they have the time to do it

You’d have to pay tens of thousands of dollars to call in consultants to explain it to you and/or do it for you (you may have done that already with less than lackluster results)

I have compiled a lot of what I know for you already in this one simple kit! I already went through the pain and agony of learning this and have spent my entire adult life perfecting my knowledge that I want to share with you.

Special Birthday Offer

50% off for my 50th birthday

Now get the Quick Blitz Tool Kit for Aesthetics for only $497 + S/H

Hurry offer expires 10/31/2010

Here Is Your Short Cut!

I’ve already put this together for you and I’m handing this to you in simple-to- understand concepts just so that you don’t have to experience what I had to go through – all for only $995 $497* plus S/H.

*until 10/31/2010

“Why Am I Getting So Much for So Little Money?”

Because I don’t want to “sell” you this one tool and be done. I want to develop a long term relationship with you so you don’t have to worry about successfully promoting your practice ever again.

I am committed to helping you succeed in aesthetic medicine.

Dedicated to your success —

Catherine Maley, MBA

What Others Are Saying:

S. Randolph Waldman, MD

Board Certified Facial Plastic Surgeon

“I knew that Catherine understood the field of plastic surgery after reading her new book “What Your Patients are Saying”. In fact, I bought a copy for each of my staff to read and we began discussing each chapter at weekly luncheon meetings. Then I bought another 500 copies to distribute as part of the Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Meeting Registration packet given out to each doctor and nurse attending.”

Andrew B. Menkes, MD

Board Certified Dermatologist and Dermasurgeon

“Catherine has been a great resource for me while growing my aesthetic practice. Using her expertise, I have been able to convert current patients to aesthetics as well as add many new patients. She has also been helpful growing my exposure in the media. I recommend her to anyone wanting to grow an aesthetic practice.”

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