Utilizing Your Database for Effective Marketing

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Your database is the holy grail of sales leads for you.  The patients who already know, like and trust you are much more apt to respond to your promotional efforts so always start with them.  However, do it strategically.

To be truly effective, you need:

-The right message
-Going to the right patient
-Using the right media channel

It’s called target messaging and here’s an example.  You want to promote your fractional skin rejuvenation laser, but how?  First, you treat the perfect patient with it and that would be a female in her 40-50’s with skin damage and aging skin concerns.  Now have her provide you with a testimonial and permission to use her before/after pictures in your promotional materials.  Now, send out a patient letter that includes her testimonial and pictures to other females in their 40-50’s who also most likely have skin damage and aging skin concerns.  That is a super targeted message going to the right patient using the most effective media channel.  In marketing we have a saying, “The Riches are in the Niches” and it’s as true in aesthetic medicine as in any other industry.  Today’s consumers want something just for them.

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