The Cosmetic Practice Vault

More Patients. More Profits.

Better Run Practice.

Discover what the TOP cosmetic practices do to get to the
top and stay there, and learn how to join their ranks
with proven working strategies, with The Cosmetic Practice Vault

Are you confused about marketing your services as a surgeon and want a clear, proven, detailed marketing plan that will help you get more patients, better managing skills, and superior staff who represent you professionally?

Then you need to act NOW because if you continue waiting for a miracle, you might end up retired with no money to show for it and no means of keeping the lifestyle YOU want for the rest of your life.

In The Cosmetic Practice Vault, you will discover HOW to run and grow a cosmetic practice you can be proud of.

Here’s How You Can Take Your Cosmetic Practice To The Next Level With the Help of The Cosmetic Practice Vault

The Cosmetic Practice Vault

Attract more cosmetic patients with a proven, detailed plan

Build a top-level cosmetic practice in months…not years

Find out how other cosmetic practices grew revenues by 27% in 6 months and how you can do the same!

Discover simple ways to convert more leads, even if they are price-shoppers

Understand the wants & needs of cosmetic patients so they say YES to you every time

Learn insider ways to get your website visitors to request a consultation with you more often than not

SCALE your cosmetic revenues without advertising, even if you practice in a highly competitive area

The Deck is Stacked Against You….

Let’s face it…There’s nothing easy about running a cosmetic practice in today’s climate with so many forces working against you. Government regulations, advanced technology, uncertain economy, demanding patients, and staffing issues to name a few.
On top of that, not only are you the entrepreneur trying to keep up with changes, you are also the manager of staff, the marketer of social media, and the service provider.

How many hats can you wear before you are so overwhelmed that you can’t take it anymore?

It’s not your fault things got so complicated. These are all external actors, and they are out of your control, but you can easily deal with them once you know how the game is played and what the rules are.
Instead of the desire to quit, you’ll enjoy your cosmetic practice more than ever, once you have a playbook to follow and address the challenges you face every day.
Because if you want to have one of the most successful cosmetic practices in your community, there is one core belief that will help get you there…
The Cosmetic Practice Vault

The only 2 things you need to reach your potential are Better Skills and a Stronger Business & Marketing Mindset

That is true regardless of what your goal is.

Once you get this, you can generate more revenue, find new ways to attract better cash-paying patients, take more time off, or just enjoy your practice without the headache and the struggles.
To do that, you need to acquire and cultivate certain skills and beliefs to become the success you always knew you were destined to be.

Success DOESN’T happen by chance. You Create it.

Nobody is responsible for the trajectory of your practice except YOU.
Nobody else is going to wake up and work on YOUR practice for you
But, if you are committed to being your best, playing a bigger game, and willing to learn HOW to achieve things that are important to you….
Then The Cosmetic Practice Vault will help you build the practice you envisioned at the start of your career.

Getting Better Results from Your Cosmetic Practice Isn’t a Myth

My proven system has already helped dozens to hundreds surgeons like you increase their practice revenues by 27% while performing 5-8 more procedures every month and decreasing their staff turnover while improving morale.
You will learn HOW they did that from the very first training module you’ll watch inside The Cosmetic Practice Vault
The Cosmetic Practice Vault

This could be YOUR reality very soon...

Imagine what it would be like to have an automatic patient attraction system that works tirelessly to keep leads coming in while your staff converts 30-50% MORE of them once they are professionally trained.
With this proven system in place, you will enjoy coming to work because you’ll turn your practice into a money-making asset that keeps making you money year after year.
The Cosmetic Practice Vault

But Why Should You Even Listen to Me?

I’ve been working with cosmetic practices tp get them more cash-paying patients and profits for 23 years. My strategies have made them over $21 Million because they used my marketing and sales expertise to their advantage.
My perspective and strategies allow you to attract, convert, follow up, and retain cosmetic patients while regularly increasing your profit.

Here’s What Other Surgeons Say About My Strategies…

Get the sought-after knowledge you don’t have YET to turn your practice into a money-making machine:

Discover HOW to get a steady stream of cosmetic patient leads coming in on a regular basis

Convert 30-50% more cosmetic leads while paying the same price and staying ahead of the competition

Learn how to fix staffing issues and stop the frustration of micromanaging their every move

Get the clarity you need to REALLY know what you are doing and WHERE you are going with your practice

Increase your phone conversions by 30% within 48 hours

Discover how to charge premium prices to increase your revenues by 15% next month

The Cosmetic Practice Vault

The Cosmetic Patient Vault Includes:

The Cosmetic Practice Vault

24 Courses Packed with Insider Knowledge

The Cosmetic Practice Vault

10 + Hours of Mind Expanding Content

The Cosmetic Practice Vault

44 Business Strategies

The Cosmetic Practice Vault

86 Marketing Strategies

The Cosmetic Practice Vault

77 “Swipe & Deploy” Graphics

The Cosmetic Practice Vault

44 Proven Scripts to Convert, Follow Up, Ads, Interviews

The Cosmetic Practice Vault

BONUS: 2 Strategy calls with me personally

The Cosmetic Practice Vault

BONUS: Patient Blueprint + Marketing Trends Guide

The Cosmetic Practice Vault

BONUS: Signed Hard Copy of my Book: Your Aesthetic Practice


Reaching Your Financial Goals Couldn’t Be Easier

Here’s What You Get When You Say YES to Up Leveling Your Knowledge and Your Cosmetic Practice….

You get instant access to The Cosmetic Practice Vault brimming with (24) “How-To” patient attraction and practice-building streaming videos with me presenting the most pivotal topics to turn your OK practice into a money-making business.
The Core Curriculum of The Cosmetic Practice Vault is split up into (7) sections and gives you the tips, tools, and strategies that the most successful cosmetic practices use to get ahead of the competition.

Video Topics Include:

How to Differentiate or Die
Discover how to position yourself as the best choice so prospective patients flock to your practice.

How to Charge More
Show what makes you better than your competition while charging premium prices your patients will gladly pay.

Understanding The Cash-Paying Patient
When you know and address the cosmetic patients’ wants & needs, they see you as the ONLY viable choice for them.

Website Strategies Working Now
Get the latest website strategic tips and tricks that encourage your visitors to interact with you, rather than click away, never to be heard from again.

New Patient Attraction Strategies
Attract new cosmetic patients using the latest creative strategies that are easy-to-execute and attract your "preferred" patients who gladly pay for your expertise.

How to Get More Leads
Cosmetic patient attraction magnets that give you a steady flow of patient leads and revenues.

How to Set Up a Marketing Plan
Have peace of mind knowing you have a plan for a predictable, long-term income stream, even during the typical slow months others complain about.

Social Media Strategies Discover social media strategies that get prospective patients contacting you - not just following you.

Email Strategies
Make money every time your email goes out using strategies that get your phones ringing.

How to Hire Rock Stars
Discover how to find, interview, and choose the best applicants to represent you and your practice.

How to Turn Staff Into Revenue-Generators
Increase you revenues without you doing all the work, while knowing money is being made with or without you in the office.

Customer Service is Everything
This is a must-see video for your staff to hone their customer service skills so they treat your patients the way they deserve and your patients, in turn, review, refer and return.

Hold Staff Accountable
Use tools to determine who your A-players are and who should go. Then a structure that keeps your staff on your toes and focused on you practice so you don't have to micro-manage.

Discover how easy it is to lead your team to success using simple strategies that make all the difference .

Know Your Numbers
You can't manage what you don't measure so you'll discover the key numbers you want to know.

Lead Gen Process
You need more leads, but you also need a process to get those leads to the finish line to a YES!

Convert More Callers
Here are the scripts and strategies to convert 30% more callers within 48 hours.

Convert More Consultations
Step-by-Step process laid out to get the patient to a yes vs. "I gotta think about it".

How To Cross Promote ALL of Your Services
Staff will discover how to easily cross-promote ALL of your services without being pushy.

Creative Pricing Strategies
Before discounting your services, try these proven strategies to keep more of your profits.

Fastest Path to Patients
Use these "plug and play" graphics to creatively get more word-of-mouth referrals.

How to Scale
Discover how you grow your revenues without working harder or spending more on advertising.

Discover how easy it can be to “know your numbers” and never again fear embezzlement or other financial surprises.

Get eye-opening strategies to set up new lead automation systems and easily turn leads into money.

With the help of my unique training, you can convert up to 30% more callers in 48 hours and 30-50% more consultations to paid procedures once your staff gets access to my exclusive scripts, structures, and tools.

Increase your lifetime patient value by 20% by using these creative pricing strategies that don’t cost you anything to implement, but reap huge rewards.

Learn how to be more efficient and think strategically, and scale your practice revenue, all while working less than before.

Never again be blindsided by mediocre or dishonest staff. Instead, discover how to hold them accountable, so they take pride in growing your practice.

Become a respected and cherished leader that your staff will surely follow instead of forcing them to do what they have to do.

Stop losing money on leads that don’t convert because your staff doesn’t know how to close a deal.

Fix Your Follow-Up to bring in an extra 15% of revenues typically lost by most practices.

Discover the fastest path to new patients without discounting, advertising, or wasting time on social media.

In my learning program, you can study at your own pace and in any order of priority. You can watch one module a week or all of them in a single weekend, as many times as you need to wake up your practice and GROW!

I want to sweeten the deal!

To ensure you use this knowledge to take your practice to the next level, during this introductory period, when you invest in The Cosmetic Practice Vault, you receive:

1) My popular book,
    “Your Aesthetic Practice/What Patients are Saying”

 2) Pus (2) 30-minute personal strategy calls with me.

Together, you and I will tackle the biggest challenges affecting you financially and mentally, allowing you to see progress right away.

So, How Much Does The Cosmetic Practice Vault Cost?

The Cosmetic Practice Vault
Here’s the best part. Normally, I charge $15K in consulting fees for 60 days of personal coaching. But, with the Cosmetic Practice Vault, you get my entire arsenal for only $4,997!
So, for the fees from 1 lipo procedure, you can put an end to your broken sales and lead process and start converting leads no matter when or where they came from.

You will easily make your money back within a few weeks after executing the money-making strategies from The Cosmetic Practice Vault.

And, during this introductory period, when you invest in yourself, your practice and your staff, you get extra bonuses below….

See how these cosmetic surgeons executed my strategies and brought in extra income:

Unlock Full Access to The Cosmetic Practice Vault Today and get these incredible “Welcome Gifts” to boost your results right away...

The Cosmetic Practice Vault

EXTRA BONUS: Cosmetic Patient Attraction & Conversion Blueprint (Value $297)

This is your checklist for building your own patient flywheel that keeps a steady stream of patients coming back again and again

EXTRA BONUS: Coordinator Score Card (Value $297)

Do you have the right coordinator? If you’re not sure, use this checklist to determine if you have the right person in this revenue-generating role. If you don’t, use this checklist to find your rock-star coordinator
The Cosmetic Practice Vault