Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2015. Worth it?

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Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2015. Worth it?

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Ask Catherine

This Week’s Question: Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2015. Worth it?

Dear Catherine,

I am planning on attending Randy Waldman’s Vegas Cosmetic Surgery Conference this month and I see you are presenting several talks in the practice management sessions.
While I usually spend all my time in the clinical talks, I know there’s much to learn on the practice management side so what is the best use of my time and is it worth it for my staff to attend?
Dr. V.

Catherine’s Answer:

Hello Dr. V,

Attending Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2015. Worth it?I’m so glad you are attending Vegas Cosmetic Surgery 2105. It’s a fantastic conference for physicians and staff alike so here’s my take on it…

An observation I have noticed year after year is WHO attends the practice management sessions and who DOES NOT.
What I find is while the majority of surgeons only attend the clinical sessions to learn more about surgical techniques, the super successful surgeons do that AND spend a percentage of their time learning new and better ways to attract new patients, convert more consultations and build a solid team of rock stars.

Many of these most successful surgeons are the chosen speakers on patient-attraction and staff-training because “they get it”and want other surgeons to get it too:

 “In today’s competitive climate, it’s not about the surgery as much as
it is about the marketing and business of the surgery” 


This conference has the biggest and best practice management sessions I’ve ever seen so it would be worth the investment for you AND your staff to attend.

The secret for making this a good investment, of course, is to be sure you and your staff meet every evening to brainstorm how and when you can execute the best of the best strategies learned.


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