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Here is a marketing effort that more plastic surgeons need to embrace: it’s Video Marketing. Prospective patients are much more likely to respond to someone they “feel” as if they know – even before you meet.  It’s the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to become a celebrity to those who matter – prospective patients interested in aesthetics!

As a side benefit, this effort will also improve your SEO, traffic, website ranking, referrals, and fame.

You want your prospective patients to see your face, look into your eyes, and feel your emotion when you deliver the video message – it builds a connection.  By the way, contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to be a model (actually, that would work against you).  The prospective patient, especially the female patient, is looking for someone with character, integrity, compassion and confidence they can provide the good result she’s looking for.

How do you make videos?  You can use any HD video camera, Flip video camera, or even your iPhone to film your 2-4 minute video.  Just talk about one procedure or concept at a time (keep it simple).   Add it to your Website and upload it to YouTube.


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