Convert More Consults Using Influence

Convert More Consults Using Influence — with Catherine Maley, MBA

Convert more consults using influence! You don’t “sell” anyone on plastic surgery. You can’t force consumers to choose you. You can only offer your services to consumers who want to look and feel better.

However, if you believe in yourself as a great surgeon, you have a duty. Do all you can to ethically help prospective patients make a good decision. That way, they get a good result and NOT regret going elsewhere for a cheaper price. Cheaper practices may give them “less than stellar” results. In turn, this makes them feel worse about themselves.

Look at it this way. Prospective patients are already interested in your services because:

Firstly, they searched online. Secondly, they found you. Thirdly, they called you. Fourthly, they are now visiting you. You didn’t pull them in off the street, right?

However, the more you understand human behavior, the more consultations you will convert. So, here are ways to use the principles of influence to address patient concerns. Help them choose you over your competitors.

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