Alex Thiersch, JD • Founder and Director of the American Med Spa Association

Interview with Alex Thiersch, JD (Founder & Director, American Med Spa Association) Videocast

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⬇️Interview w/ Alex Thiersch, JD | Founder & Director of American Med Spa Association⬇️

Alex Thiersch, JD is an attorney and member of the American Bar Association, the Illinois State Bar and the Chicago Bar Association.

He began his career as an employment lawyer and started his own firm in 2007.

Through many twists and turns, Alex eventually went from a successful law career to being the founder & director of the American Med Spa Association (AMSpa), which is the only organization that provides legal, compliance and business resources to medical spas and cosmetic practices.

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00:00​ Welcome Alex to Beauty and the Biz
02:38​ From Corporate Law to Building a Med Spa Association. How Did it Happen?
06:35​ Common Legal Issues in the Industry
10:25​ Differences in Running a Med Spa vs. a Traditional Plastic Surgery Practice
13:04​ The Best and Worst Scenerios for Doctor’s Partnering w/ Nurses
20:58​ Preventing Unhappy Patients + How to Handle Situations w/ a Legal Mindset
27:03​ Group Purchasing Organizations. Good or Bad?
31:48​ Common Mistakes Made That Could Be Avoided
34:25​ Incentives & Commisions + Their Legal Consequences
47:37​ Craziest Legal Situation Alex has Seen in the Industry & Final Words