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You could be sitting on a gold mine and don’t even know it. For the rest of the year, I suggest circling the wagons and turning inward. Focus on your current patient database.

If you have invested in practice software that tracks patient behavior, and you have been inputting the data correctly, there is a wealth of information there for you to leverage.  You are looking for the pearls – those patients most likely to respond to your promotional efforts.

Divide up your eclectic database by:

–          the regulars who are loyal to you
–          those who visited but never booked a procedure or treatment
–          those who never finished their treatments
–          and then those that simply disappeared.

Since this is aesthetic medicine, your patients will be more fickle.  These services are based on emotions so things happen.  Life changes – people change – circumstances change so you want to stay in touch with these different patients with different messages at different times.

So, Internal Marketing is communicating with patients who know you versus promoting your services externally to total strangers.  Since your #1 asset is your database, they are your low-hanging fruit and most apt to respond to your messages.

And, did you know next to email marketing, direct mail is still the cheapest form of advertising today because it is so targeted?

Use it to keep in touch with current patients, reconnect with old patients and build word-of-mouth referrals.

Using your database reports, develop marketing campaigns specific to certain patient groups.

For example, let’s say you have 300 patients who visited you for collagen wrinkle filler in the past two years.  Now let’s say 150 of them have never returned again.  Perhaps they moved, went to your competitor or maybe they didn’t like the short duration the filler lasted so they have never invested in it again.  You’ll never know if you don’t reach out. This is the perfect opportunity to educate them on the advancements of longer-lasting fillers and the truly remarkable results you can obtain with them.  Simply educating them on what’s new can awaken their interest in cosmetic enhancement as well as you and your practice.

Not only will you get better results; it will also be so much more cost-effective for you to target market versus throwing out a net of your laundry list of services to see who responds.

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