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The most valuable asset you have is a list of high-value patients and prospective patients who care about their appearance.  You know they care because they have called your office, attended your events, referred their friends and paid you for aesthetic enhancement.

This patient, who already knows you, likes you, and trusts you is golden to you. They have endless needs you can help them with for years to come. I guarantee, they want to be educated about the youth-defying opportunities available to them and want that information from a credible source – YOU!

Aesthetic Patients Have Endless Needs

The beauty (pun intended) of aesthetics is this very thing: you have patients with endless needs.  If an aesthetic patient wants to look good today, they also want to look good tomorrow and next week and next year and year after year.

So, if they come to you for a loss-leader such as a facial, they will stay for more, and continue up the ladder to higher-priced procedures.  Conversely, if they come for a high-ticket surgical procedure, they will move down the ladder to perfect or maintain it with the lesser procedures, treatments, and products.

Your aesthetic patient who likes to look good and feel good is in relentless pursuit to keep those good feelings going.  So when you improve one part of her body, she’ll most likely turn to the next part of her body.  It’s almost like renovating your home.  When you renovate your kitchen (and you absolutely love the results), don’t you naturally then want to renovate your bathroom?

The pearl here is to develop a relationship with your existing patients – who have endless beauty needs – so they return again and again.


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