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Most doctors get this wrong.  They truly believe the home page is designated to tell the prospective patients all about them, their credentials, skills, expertise and then the laundry list of services they offer.

I guarantee – that’s not it!  The true objective of your Website Home Page is to get the casual web surfer to stop-notice-act once they land on your site.  How do you ensure that happens?  You answer the burning question most on the prospective patient’s mind which is,

“Hey, what’s in it for me?”

The secret is to talk about the patient first – not you.  They don’t care about you – yet.  Right now, all they care about is do you have a solution to what is bothering me right now?  That can be a tall order; however, because you offer many services which is why the most sophisticated practices put up separate Websites for different procedures.

A typical aesthetic consumer is looking for information to a specific procedure so design your Website to give that to them in the form of free reports and videos they can view when they provide their name and email so you can follow-up.  Start with emotional copy that addresses their fears and apprehensions, show lots of before/after photos and as much social proof (patient testimonials) as possible.  Then, get into you specifically.

I guarantee if you first give the patient what they want which is information, they will then be much more open to learning more about you.


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