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The more aesthetic websites I look at, the more I see the same things over and over. Same tagline about how much you care about your patients, same image of a super young girl that doesn’t look anything like your “preferred” patients, same-same-blah-blah. That’s not how you get new internet patients to choose you over your competitors.

Break out and be different!  Use what you have that nobody else has – your personality!

Nobody is like you, so use that to your advantage.  Start with your Home Page: make it a welcome page with a video of you welcoming them.  Be yourself.  Be authentic.  Let the prospective patient see the real you, and they’ll be attracted to your different approach.  Talk to them on your video just like you would if they were visiting you in person.

Now add more videos of patients singing your praises. While you’re at it, show a video of your staff and your office; knowing what to expect will make these prospective patients much more comfortable booking an appointment and showing up.

The more personality you can build into your website, the more prospective patients will say yes to you, instead of all the “more of the same” websites and doctors out there.


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