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I don’t need to tell you how challenging it’s gotten for you as a plastic
surgeon to convert Internet Leads to paid procedures.


As a plastic surgeon you thrive on the revenues from paid procedures coming in consistently so the bills are paid and you have breathing room to progress and grow your practice.

But here’s the thing… any practice can “get” leads but can they convert them to paid procedures?

Surgeons tell me regularly they pay top dollar for Website design, Google ad-words and directories to help keep Internet leads coming in.

But here’s what typically happens….

These same plastic surgeons are excited the phones are ringing and they are getting new lead notifications from their
Website folks.

Their staff is working double time to be the first responder that gets to
the prospective patient before the competitors do.

This “busy-ness” makes the surgeon feel in control because if they are so
busy, they must be successful, right?

But that’s when the cracks start to show:

Your staff complains they are too busy and these leads are bad and
discarded as“price shoppers” so your staff brushes them off and throws
them in the dead lead pile, along with thousands of others.

And you and your staff spend 2-3 days per week meeting with prospective
patients who don’t book but promise they are “thinking about it”.

Your staff follows up with them (at least you THINK they do) but they
feel overworked and underpaid because they are juggling the phones, new
consults, preparing quotes, admin, pre-op and post-op visits, all while
dealing with new leads coming in.

And, to top it off, YOU start feeling resentful for spending so much money
on leads and your valuable time meeting with flaky prospective patients.
It feels like a game of “burn and churn” riffling through these leads to see
who sticks.

Is that how you envisioned your practice to run?  Like an “Internet
Chase Game” where your conversion rate is in the single digits from
phone calls to paid procedures?

Probably not, so ask yourself this question:

What can I do to convert more Internet Leads without hiring more
staff or throwing more money at Internet Marketing?

The solution is actually quite simple.

Here’s what you do to convert more Internet Leads…

Currently, you are playing the numbers game of quantity. Your staff gives
it a shot to convert these leads and then moves on since more leads are

When you sharpen the saw, you play the game of quality and get better
results so you feel like you’re ahead of the game and winning.

A few tweaks make all the difference between a conversion rate of 11%
versus 30-60%.

Here are 4 ways to increase your Internet Lead Conversions
by 15%
 fast and easy:

Convert the Callers

How well does your receptionist convert callers into appointments? It’s great if your phone is ringing off the hook, but if your receptionist doesn’t convert these callers into appointments, it doesn’t really matter.

Your receptionist’s conversion rate will have a dramatic impact on your bottom line. So it’s vital to your success to keep an eye on THIS part of your practice.

Next, how many of the prospective patients who booked an
appointment actually show up?

You block your valuable time for a consultation, and if your prospective
patients are not showing up for their appointments, 
your time is wasted
not to mention the wasted time your staff 
is now standing around getting
paid for unproductive time.

Convert the Consults

How well does your patient care coordinator convert?

Did the prospective book a procedure or is she “thinking about it”?

Everything that happened until this point is just “pre-marketing”.

You don’t get paid for consultations. You only get paid if your
coordinator successfully converts a consultation into a paid

Therefore, THIS step has the biggest impact on your bottom line.

The more they convert consultations into procedures, the more revenues
you’ll make for your practice.

You are promoting the Invisible so your coordinator better be excellent
at pre-framing you so the patient shows up ready to say yes.

It took years of study and practice for you to become a great surgeon.
It takes study and practice for your coordinator to convert consults.

Please don’t skimp here. This is where the money is made.

Follow Up to Convert More

How frustrating is it to spend a ton of money, staff time and resources
on internet marketing for new cosmetic patient leads only to have those
very leads come in as prospective patients and leave as prospective patients….

You can’t afford to waste any more time or money on marketing if you
are not converting these leads….

It’s too competitive, it’s too crowded and it’s too expensive NOT
do everything within your control to convert these Internet
into paid procedures.

Here’s the reality…..Only a very small minority of patients are ready to
buy NOW.

Plastic surgery is a big deal. Most patients ponder this decision for a
long time. When I interviewed patients for my book, they told me they
waited years before actually pulling the trigger.

So they are interested in solving a problem they believe they have, which
is why they called you, BUT they need your help to nudge them off the
fence and into action.

Otherwise, they research some more, think some more and continue to

The question becomes, do you have a plan to stay in front of these “pondering patients” so they decide to move forward AND choose you?

If not, you are throwing money down the drain that could have
been yours with minimal effort.

Keep in Touch  

Whether they say yes or no to you, keep in touch so you stay top-of-mind
when they ARE ready to move forward.

The greatest thing about our industry is that you cater to a very hungry
market place. A cosmetic patient who wants to look good and feel great
about themselves, wants that for a lifetime.

These patients have endless needs so they need solutions next month,
next year and the next decade.

Need Help?

Let’s talk about what gaps you want to address in your Internet
lead process and easy solutions to fix them.

Or, let me handle the training of your staff, making your follow up calls for
you and nurturing these patients for you so you can focus on patient care.

 I  guarantee  to increase your revenues by 15% or your money back.

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