Winter Symposium 2013: Reaching New Peaks in Facial Plastic Surgery

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This was a great ski meeting held at The Westin Riverfront Resort & Spa at the base of Beaver Creek Mountain. There wasn’t much snow in CO but the mountains are beautiful and the real estate is gorgeous. The accommodations were fantastic and I’m now in love with electric fireplaces vs. wood-burning.

I gave a talk called “Differentiate or Die” and pointed out some easy and fun ways to pull away from competitors and “me too” marketing.  Here are some of them:

– Massage chair to relax harried patients
– Use your personality and show off your pro-bono work, hobbies, family, pets
– Since competitors are using cheap email; you use heart-felt direct mail
– Befriend a celebrity and use them in your promotion
– Receptionist with an English or French accent
– Use actual patients vs. models for your photos

You have got to stand out in this cluttered environment so would-be patients stop – notice – act. It’s important to stay professional but it’s also a great idea to add a little fun so patients see you as a multidimensional person. My motto is:  “See what everyone else is doing and do something else.”

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