Word-of-Mouth Marketing

We all know the best patient is a referred patient.  When a friend tells another friend, family member or colleague about you, that’s golden. 
They are already pre-sold on you, they are not as price sensitive, and they are more likely to stay loyal to you.  
Word-of-mouth referrals will increase your closing ratios, decrease your external marketing costs and grow your practice. So, how do you get them?
Word-of-mouth referrals don’t just happen. Or they don’t happen enough on their own. 
They must be deserved, encouraged, and sought after using creative, subtle methods.  Sure, you will get some referrals from your core group of fans in your practice, every practice has them, but you want them from every patient – not just the chosen few.


This video includes strategies to grow your practice with the help of your patients.


Spending resources here will cut down on advertising, time and labor costs it takes to get an internet stranger patient. I guarantee it!

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