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You will be way ahead of your competitors once you realize it’s not so much your skills in aesthetic medicine that win you patients; it’s the marketing of those skills that keep you busy with cash-paying patients.

Your marketing efforts will succeed only if time and energy are regularly devoted to them.  You can do the marketing yourself or designate promotional duties to someone else. Be sure that “someone else” you delegate to is enthusiastic, confident, high energy, full of joy and curiosity, open to opportunities and has a killer instinct to maintain, track and develop successful marketing efforts.

They must be accountable for creating, executing, tracking and following up on all efforts so you know what’s working and what needs to be tweaked or dropped.

The more time you and your team spend strategically planning how you will stay in front of your prospective patients and current patients so they choose you over your competitors, the less money you waste and the better results you will enjoy.


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