Here’s a Holiday Gift for You...

Here’s a Holiday Gift for You…

Hello, and welcome to Beauty and the Biz where we talk about the business and marketing side of plastic surgery, and here’s a holiday gift for you.

I’m your host, Catherine Maley, author of Your Aesthetic Practice – What your patients are saying, as well as consultant to plastic surgeons, to get them more patients and more profits. Now, today’s episode is called “Here’s a Holiday Gift for You…”

I want to thank you for following my work (blog, podcast, videos).

Throughout the year, I offer you free content because I truly want to help you succeed in this competitive industry. 

What took me 23 years and an investment of over $200K in learning the business and marketing side of plastic surgery, is now available to you in a playbook called the Cosmetic Practice Vault at a very special introductory offer.

I explain the details us this Holiday video I made for you:

⬇️ Click below to watch “Here’s a Holiday Gift for You…”

P.S. I suggest you act NOW, since you get LIFETIME access to the course, while people who join later will get a temporary one. So, why let procrastination cost you a lifetime access? Join now!


Here’s a Holiday Gift for You…

Here’s a holiday gift for you. Now. The only missing component to take your practice to the next level is proven working knowledge. Now, you don’t need to reinvent the wheel by trying to figure everything out on your own. I’ve already tested and perfected every little aspect with thousands of cosmetic surgeons like you, and now you can get everything on a silver platter inside the Cosmetic Practice Vault.

And since here’s my holiday gift to you, you get lifetime access to the program, which means you can use it for any problem you might encounter in the future forever. I’ve also included my popular Cosmetic Patient Attraction and Conversion Blueprint, scorecard for your patient coordinator and a copy of my book.

But to get all the lifetime membership and all the “here’s my holiday gift to you” bonuses you need to act this year. So please don’t delay. Go to and together we can grow the practice you’ve always wanted.

Happy Holidays.

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