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Welcome to Beauty and the Biz – Where we talk about the business and marketing side of plastic surgery.

I’m your host Catherine Maley, author of “Your Aesthetic Practice – What your patients are saying” and consultant to plastic surgeons to get them more patients and profits.

I’m excited to introduce Dr. Adam J Rubinstein, MD, FACS.

He is a board-certified cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgeon
practicing in Miami for the past 20 years; in an area called Aventura which is best known for its Aventura mall since it’s the 3 rd largest in the US.

Dr. Rubinstein is past Chief, Department of Plastic Surgery, and Vice Chief of Surgery at Jackson North Medical Center. He’s also clinical faculty at Florida International University School of Medicine, as well as the Cleveland Clinic Plastic Surgery Residency program in Florida.

He’s an active member of several medical societies, including Aesthetic, Bariatric & Anti-Aging.

Listen in as Dr. Rubinstein covers topics such as:


✅Why plastic surgery and why Miami?
✅Solo practice
✅Other practitioners?
✅Staff – manage & motivate.


✅How do you differentiate yourself?
✅Are virtual consults helping or hurting?
✅What’s working/What’s not?

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✅What’s DRIVING you?
✅How do you stay positive about the future?
✅Mentors, books, courses?


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