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5 Biggest Frustrations for Plastic Surgeons

I have been working with plastic surgeons since Year 2000 to grow their plastic surgery practices, and I’ve
identified the 5 plastic surgeon practice frustrations they continuously face when striving to get to the next level and
here they are:

Frustration #1: “Nothing is Working.”

plastic surgeon practice frustrations

You’ve tried a ton of different tactics (mass advertising,
internet marketing, social media, you even bought the
new technical gadget) only to find that you keep
experiencing more chaos, confusion…and frustration.

The key question here is:

“Is it possible to go from the feeling of nothing Is working to
experiencing predictable success, profit, and enjoying your
practice once again?”

Frustration #2: Staff

You’re frustrated with your team. You can’t seem to find the A+ level of players that so many ‘consultants’
talk about or books like “GOOD to Great” preach.

Key question:

“Is it possible to move from extreme frustration and almost a feeling of giving up on your staff to actually
being able to identify and/or train your staff to become A-Players who promote you successfully?”

Frustration #3: Profitplastic surgeon practice frustrations

Simply put, no matter what you do…there’s not enough. Not enough to put money away for a comfortable retirement, not enough to hire the A-players, and maybe even not enough to cover your overhead some months. You may have moments
of secretly questioning whether you chose the right profession
or not.

Key Question:

“Is it possible to go from NOT being able to take home more, even though you are trying everything, to experiencing bigger and better profits than ever before?”

Frustration #4: The Ceiling

Your growth has stopped. Plateaued. No matter what you do, you can’t seem to break through and get to the next level. How frustrating is that? You feel overwhelmed and unsure of what to do next.

So here’s the key question:

“Could it be possible that there are some real-world unknown strategies that would make your life simpler, scalable, efficient, and profitable?”

Frustration #5: You Don’t Know Where to Turn!

This is a key frustration for so many surgeons since they don’t have anyone to talk to about their frustrations. You can’t really talk to your staff since they see you as the confident leader, your spouse typically doesn’t understand the pressures of running an aesthetic practice, and you certainly can’t discuss this with the competitors in your area, so who do you turn to for direction and clarity?

The key question here is:

“Is it possible the answers to your biggest frustrations are right in front of you…you just haven’t been shown them yet by someone who understands you?”

The answer to all of the Key Questions Above is a resounding YES!

It’s just a matter of knowing where to turn for answers to take you to the next level and I humbly believe I have many of those answers you’re looking for.

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Once you address the 5 biggest frustrations for plastic surgeons, you will enjoy your practice again and set it up so it’s profitable and running smoothly. I’ll show you how
just like I did for other surgeons around the world.

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