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August Quick Summer Cash Surges

August can be a tough month in the plastic surgery industry because patients are soaking up as much
summer as possible and that could be keeping them away from your practice so these August quick summer cash surges will help.

But it doesn’t have to stop altogether. You just need to be more creative in your marketing
to keep cosmetic patients coming in.

A good marketing tip is to “enter the conversation your cosmetic patient is already having in their

So, if they are thinking about the beach, barbecues, and hot summer nights, use that in your
marketing messaging.

Here are August quick summer cash surges strategies that work well:

Beach Buddy Botox

For one week only, when two people come in together, they get at instant $50 Gift Card
towards a Botox Treatment + a Free Sunscreen.

This can be 2 new patients or a current patient and their friend. Add a minimum of $250
so the patient gets a great result and comes back for more.

You can even use their iPhones to take photos of them scrunching their faces and call them
in 2 weeks to see how much they like their results and book them for their next treatment.

Summer Goody Bags

I don’t know what it is about us women but we love goody bags.

It doesn’t seem to matter what’s in it as much as simply getting it so use that passion
to heat up your revenues.

For the rest of the summer, anyone who spends more than $300 during their visit gets
a goody bag.

The goody bag can contain your skin care products to help grow your skin care sales, a
water bottle, baseball cap or tank with your logo on it or whatever else gives value AND promotes/cross-promotes you and your services. Also include a $100 gift card towards
their next visit.

Botox and Barbecue

Hold a themed event called “Botox and Barbecue” for your current patients, their friends,
your own friends and family, your neighboring businesses and their customers – basically
invite everyone!

It can be at lunchtime or 4-6 pm dinnertime.

If you can, hold it in your parking lot to attract attention or if not, just serve catered barbecued
food in your office. You are only injecting Botox at the event for a very special price and walk-ins
are welcomed.

Included with their receipt is a gift card to experience wrinkle filler. Add a tight expiration so they return sooner rather than later.

But you need to market these cash surge events so patients actually show up.

You do that with in-house signage, outside signage, Website banners, e-blasts, social media banner posts, paid social media ads, flyers and good ‘ole word of mouth.

Use these August quick summer cash surges and I hope the rest of your summer revenues sizzle!

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