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Dare to Be Different | Differentiation Marketing

When you look online for cosmetic rejuvenation, you see website after website of beautiful young women and similar headlines promising beautiful results.

That would be fine IF there was not so much choice with lots of cosmetic practices promising the same thing. 

And, no, there is nothing different about you talking about your great customer service, and how you listen carefully to your patients and give them a good result …they expect good service and results already.

How to succeed using differentiation marketing for your Cosmetic Practice

To succeed as the BEST CHOICE, you have to stand out from the crowd. 

You do that by standing for and creating something unique, so patients notice there’s something different about you.  

Otherwise, nobody will hear you when you advertise about your expertise in every procedure and every body part. A cosmetic patient isn’t looking for that anyway. 

They are actually making their buying decisions based on differences. If everyone looks the same, it’s the difference that captures their attention and makes them take notice.

I know it’s counterintuitive to you to limit your focus about all the ways you can help patients. You have had years of training and can address lots of their face and body concerns. 

However, when done right, this is what helps you get noticed, attract more cosmetic patients, and increase your revenues.

Differentiation marketing allows you to charge more, wipes out the competition and creates an image in the consumers minds that somehow liposuction and lasers are better at your practice than your competitors.

Give prospective cosmetic patients a reason to choose you over your competitors.

Here are 3 ways you do that:

The Riches are in the Niches

There’s a popular saying in marketing that goes, “the riches are in the niches”. In today’s crowded marketplace, you can no longer be the jack of all trades, or you’ll be the expert to none. 

A patient looking for a bleph wants someone who talks about blephs, explains in detail how they approach a bleph, what the bleph journey is like and shows off lots of before/after photos of great bleph results. 

Now the patient sees you as the expert and trusts you’re the one who will give them a more youthful look so they feel more confident. 

The advantages to niche advertising is that you are focused on quality more than quantity.  You do less and make more money. You also spend less on advertising since you are targeting on specifics rather than generalities. That, in turn, gives you better quality leads and increased conversion rates.

3 M’s of Marketing

Before you spend another dime on advertising, consider the 3 M’s of differentiation marketing that are parmount to your results:


Pick one group of patients you most enjoy working with. Is it the young breast aug patient? Or the older mommy makeover patient? Or men losing their hair? 

There’s no right answer. Just the right answer for you. What’s most important is you being passionate about helping this particular group of patients solve their problem.


What do you say in your message that attracts their attention and gets them to stop, notice and act?

Think of what this group of patients want. 

To illustrate, here’s an example of headlines:

  • General:           Look Good, Feel Better
  • Better:              Body Solutions for Women
  • Much Better:   Get Your Pre-Baby Body Back! 

Do you see the difference? The more specific you are, the more you will resonate with that specific type of patient. She is actually imaging the result and getting emotionally charged to get her body back by contacting you to help her.


Are you able to market easily and cost-effectively to this group? Are they easy to find online? Can you advertise where they go for information?  And, do you have the freedom and space to get your message across on that platform?

For example, when you advertise, you only have 1-4 lines of copy on Google Ad Words and you are limited on Facebook for what you can say and show. The trick is to use a killer headline that is compelling enough for them to want to learn more so they click to your webpage showing a lot more detail like FAQs and before/after photos. 

“Position the Physician” Brag Piece 

This is a mindset shift…You don’t want to “assume” because you’re a great surgeon, patients will flock to you. You need to tell them. You need to show them. Then you need to toot your own horn to stand out. 

The goal is to say what your competitors, don’t, won’t or can’t. Here are examples to get you started, but you want to come up with your own as well:

  • Number of procedures performed
  • Number of years in practice
  • Board certified in a particular specialty and show visually what that entailed
  • Special training at well-known teaching hospital or university
  • Fellowship with well-known top doc
  • Conducted case studies, white papers and clinical trials 
  • Speaker and trainer of other physicians
  • Sit on advisory board of vendors in the industry
  • Special credentials or professional memberships
  • PR and pro-bono work

Now develop a brag sheet that is a one-page visual graphic showing off your highlights in an easy-to-understand format vs. your multi-page cv. 

You’ll want to highlight this on your website, in your reception area, in your patient information packets and on your social media so patients can see at a glance how great you are: 

I hope you see how important differentiation marketing can be to help you rise above the chatter to get your fair share of patients in today’s uber crowded marketplace.

Please take some time to brainstorm what makes you different and then scream it (creatively) from the hilltops!


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