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Get 3 More Plastic Surgery Procedures Per Month

How much difference would it make for you to get  3 more plastic surgery procedures per month?

I’m thinking A LOT!

They could be the difference between you just sliding by and barely able to cover your fixed overhead costs.

Or, even worse, you having to dip into your savings to cover your expenses for a slow month? OUCH!

The good news is to get 3 more plastic surgery procedures per month, look right under your nose. 

There is so much hype out there, it’s difficult to focus. The internet marketers have got you running from one “patient magnet” scheme to another. So, now,
you’re all over the place BUT how’s that working for you? Are you seeing the results you want?

There’s another way to look at it. 3 more surgeries per month is not difficult to get once you see the forest from the trees. Once you step back and look at your patient-attraction and conversion processes, you’ll wonder why you never saw it before.

Here are 3 effective strategies to get 3 more plastic surgery procedures per month WITHOUT spending more on advertising:More Plastic Surgery Procedures

Your current cosmetic patients are actually your best prospects for surgery. Really. And to illustrate this point, let me give you an example from the remodeling industry.

Once a homeowner gets their kitchen remodeled, after a short period of time they begin to notice the bathroom or some other part of the house really needs work. The new section only serves to highlight and contrast how much worse the other sections are.

This same thing applies with cosmetic patients. So, if a patient has undergone one cosmetic procedure for a body part, it shouldn’t be a surprise they’ll start looking more critically at another body part that concerns them. This presents a perfect opportunity for you.

The beauty (pun intended) of reaching out to current patients who could be ready for more is that they already know, like and trust you. And trust is the name of the game when a cosmetic patient is considering such a big decision. They have to trust you will take good care of them and they will love their result.

And, your current patients don’t need as much prodding as the new “Internet Stranger Patient” who doesn’t know you at all. Your current patients already know how great you are because they have past experience with you and your staff.

If you treated them well and gave them great results in the past on non-surgical treatments, they could be ready to move up the ladder to a surgical treatment.

This also includes past surgical patients. Once you enhance one body part, it’s quite common for the self-critical cosmetic patient to focus on a new body part
that bothers them now that their body is showing more signs of aging.

So, here’s what you do…show your appreciation to your current patients by offering them something special for their loyalty and support that encourages
them to return.

It could be a complimentary surgical consultation that you typically charge $150 for, or a post op surgery goody bag of your skin care products to help with their recovery and so on.

Reach out to plastic surgery consultations who came in but did NOT book surgery.

I know how frustrating it can be to spend all day with prospective patients only to discover they don’t book surgery because they need to think about it.

It could have been because they have other consults scheduled so they can compare, or they did not like your staff or your recommendation, or they are afraid of general anesthesia or something else they are not telling you that is stopping them from saying yes.

You don’t really know why someone didn’t book so don’t assume anything. Come up with a plastic surgery lead follow up protocol that includes texting, emailing, mailing and calling them to keep the dialogue going so you get a decision one way or the other.

I guarantee you are quitting on prospective surgical patients too quickly and leaving it up to them to figure out you are the best choice. Please don’t leave it to chance. Be more professional and persistent than your competitors so these prospective patients know you care.

For example, have your coordinator text them a thank you message as they walk to their car. Then mail a handwritten thank you note, then send a thank you email and drip additional emails showing off results your other patients have gotten.

This is what paves the way to then calling them so they are more receptive to taking your calls and telling you what’s really on their mind and why they have not said yes.

When you do call these leads again, your coordinator must be prepared with compelling scripts to add a sense of urgency so these prospective patients stop procrastinating and want to book surgery. For example, you could offer them a new 0% financing program that was just introduced.

Maybe that’s just what they needed to jump off the fence and say yes.

Hire and train your plastic surgery staff to professionally represent you.

A well-trained exceptional receptionist and a professional patient care coordinator can be a game-changer in your cosmetic practice. Their go-getter attitude and friendly personality win over prospective patients and fill up your surgery schedule.

But personality is not enough. They must have the confidence in you and themselves, as well as the scripts and strategies to ask for the appointment as well as a decision to have surgery.

For example, you train your receptionist to “ask a question with a question” which is, “When can we see you?”. So, the caller asks a question and the receptionist answers the question and continues on with her own question, “….and let’s see when we can get you in here. Do you prefer a particular day of the week or shall I just tell you our next available appointment?”

And your patient care coordinator knows how to position you as the best choice and ask for a decision. For example, “Karen, just know you’ll be in good hands. Dr. Smith has performed more than 1,500 surgical procedures with great results. Just so you know, I only have two surgical dates left this month or did you want to wait until next month?”

There is a saying “small hinges swing big doors” so please execute these strategies as I laid out and I guarantee you’ll be busier with more surgeries.


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