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Stand Out from the Competition

It takes more than great surgical skills to stand out  from the competition so new patients choose you.

I’m not talking about out-spending your colleagues on pay-per-click ads or redesigning your website for the 3rd time and hoping that does the trick. 

What I propose is to focus on who’s giving you money and that’s consumer patients. Think about what they really want and give it to them. 

The practice that makes it easier for them to say yes, wins. For example, 

Eliminate Risk with a Guarantee

A major obstacle to overcome is the patient’s fear they will get a subpar result and regret their decision. 

One powerful way to combat that and encourage more patients to say yes is by offering a “We Want You Happy” guarantee. 

This removes the perceived risk for patients and gives them confidence in choosing your services. Just define what that means. 

For example, you will do a complimentary revision in your office. Don’t you do that anyway? The point is to make it a point now while the patient is still deciding to move forward. You will gain so many more consults than you will ever lose to the 1 of 2 who take you up on it.

Simplify the Patient Experience

Patients often face several hassles when preparing for and recovering from surgery. By addressing these pain points, you can significantly enhance their experience and  stand out  from the competition!

Consider implementing the following solutions:

  • In-Office Lab Tests: Provide lab tests in your office to save patients a trip to an external lab.
  • On-Site Pharmacy: Stock commonly prescribed medications so patients don’t need to visit a pharmacy post-surgery.
  • Extended Pain Relief: Use post-surgical pain medications that last for several days, reducing the need for additional pain management.
  • 24/7 Medical Staff: Ensure that medical staff are available around the clock for any post-operative concerns.
  • Childcare Services: Partner with local childcare providers to offer serves during surgery and recovery.
  • Food Delivery: Arrange for nutritious meals to be delivered to patients during their recovery period.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Offer evening appointments and Saturday surgeries to accommodate patients’ busy schedules.
  • Transportation Services: Provide transportation to and from the surgery center for patients who need it.

By making these additional services available, you not only make the surgical process smoother for your patients but you’re also demonstrating how much you care about their overall well-being.

Add these Extra Personal Touches

Post-Op Recovery Kits
A thoughtful post-op recovery kit can go a long way in showing patients you care. Include items such as a comfortable pillow, healthy snacks, scar treatment creams, hydration packs, and detailed recovery instructions. These kits provide convenience and comfort, enhancing the patient’s recovery experience.

Send Flowers or Fruit
A small gesture like sending flowers or fruit while a patient is recuperating can make a big impact. It shows that you care about their recovery and adds a personal touch that patients will remember when they talk to friends and family about their experience.

Offer an Exclusive Patient Loyalty Club

It will always be faster, easier and cheaper to encourage your patients to return, refer, review and share you on social media with their friends and followers, than it is to find new stranger patients on the Internet. 

A patient loyalty club puts “golden handcuffs” on your patients and turns them into rabid fans and sales ambassadors that build your practice for you for free. So you can  stand out from the competition!

Communicate Your Differentiators

It’s not enough to simply offer these extra services and thoughtful touches—you must also make sure that prospective patients know about them since they could make the difference between you or your competitors winning over the patient. 

Make a big deal out of your exceptionally patient-centric focus  by highlighting these differentiators in your marketing materials, on your website, during consultations and when posting on social media. You can also host educational webinars and create detailed video walkthroughs of procedures and the pre- and post-op details, so patients know what to expect during their surgical journey with you.


This patient-centric approach that addresses common objections, eliminates the risk and improves the overall patient experience. This inspires patients to choose you, have a great experience, brag about you to their friends and the cycle repeats.  That’s how you stand out from the competition and fill your practice with the best cosmetic patients.

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A Complete Guide to Understanding Your Aesthetic Patient and Growing Your Aesthetic Practice. Catherine Maley, MBA went straight to the aesthetic patient to get the answers you need to succeed with your patients.



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