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Plastic Surgeon Google Reviews What is Google Saying About You

Plastic surgeon google reviews and organic search results can make or break your online reputation and presence. I meet with my team every week to go over our numbers to ensure we are on track (I highly recommend you do the same) and wasn’t happy with the results.

Our organic reach and advertising results on Facebook and Instagram decreased significantly. 

plastic surgeon google reviews

It has to do with the IOS update and no more iPhone tracking which could be half or more of your audience, depending on where you live. 

And, Google Adwords will also start restricting their audiences.

What is Google Saying About You – Plastic Surgeon Google Reviews

These big guys are making it way more difficult for you to reach new prospective patients.

If plastic surgeons can’t advertise to consumers, how the heck are you supposed to grow your practice?

To find the answer for you, I did what I always do….

I Googled it, “How can I get more cosmetic patients?”

plastic surgeon google reviews

Google listed 6 ways and I happen to have an autopilot system that addresses 4 of them so please check it out. 

Here are the 6 ways in more detail:

Get more google reviews

Since Google owns the planet, I recommend you focus on Google reviews. Google wants the reviews to provide useful, constructive feedback that is detailed, specific, and honest. 

The secret to patient reviews is the timing. Ask for reviews when the patient is ecstatic with their results and with you.

Help them help you. Provide them with starter sentences to complete since a good review tells a full story, i.e.,

I wanted to improve ___________because ________

I chose Dr. Smith because _____________________

My experience with the doctor and staff was _________

How I feel about my result _____________________

The done-for-you KiSS Loyalty Club automatically asks for reviews for you. 

plastic surgeon google reviews

Enhance your online presence

Websites have evolved through the years. They look so different than they used to so be sure yours has a fresh, updated look and it must be mobile-friendly. 

Include social media buttons so patients get to know you better and show off your skill with lots of before/after photos and videos of FAQs for each procedure. 

Add fresh, updated content to as many different platforms as possible so you reach a bigger audience.

Don’t Miss Out on the Social Media Platforms

You may not understand social media or want to put your time there, but it’s become a must-have patient attraction channel to attract more patients.

I recommend you assign a staff person or hire someone specifically to follow you around with an iPhone or iPad and record you doing “the life of a plastic surgeon”.

And, when you partner with me, we provide you with regular social media content about The KiSS Club that patients love to comment on and share with their friends.

Positive or negative, respond to reviews

The tough part about plastic surgeon google reviews is you are bound to get some bad reviews. Setting expectations so the patient hears you is a tough job, but it is part of doing business. 

Your best approach is to respond quickly, stay professional and apologize for the situation (not for your work) and offer to talk it over since your overall goal is patient satisfaction.

Train your staff

I’ve spent years beating this drum… Your staff will make or break your practice so please get the right people on the bus, get them in the right seats, give them the training they need to succeed, and hold them accountable.

I’ve spent years beating this drum… Your staff will make or break your practice so please get the right people on the bus, get them in the right seats, give them the training they need to succeed, and hold them accountable.

Your receptionist must have the skills to:

  • Present YOU as the BEST choice for the caller who has many options;
  • Answer the question, “How much is it?” so the caller can move forward to
    booking the appointment;
  • Convert the caller to a booked appointment!

Your coordinator must have the skills to:

  • Understand the patient’s true wants and needs
  • How to handle a patient who wants to negotiate
  • How to professionally convert a consultation to a paid procedure
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A Complete Guide to Understanding Your Aesthetic Patient and Growing Your Aesthetic Practice. Catherine Maley, MBA went straight to the aesthetic patient to get the answers you need to succeed with your patients.


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