Virtual Consulting with Catherine

This is for the practice that is on a tight budget but could use outside help to lead them in the right direction so they don’t waste any more time or money. We will meet for 1-hour online weekly sessions for 4 weeks using Zoom so I can show my screen, share files, and communicate more clearly. I will record these calls so you can review them again and/or share them with your staff.

We will start with a discovery call after you send me certain facts and figures to help me identify your trouble spots. We’ll then meet weekly to be sure we address your concerns most affecting your bottom line. 

Here are typical topics that make a big difference once you have clarity:

  • Need a patient-attraction marketing plan
  • Not sure if the right staff is on board
  • Staff needs help converting
  • Staff needs to be held accountable
  • Map out an exit plan or take practice to the next level

One-Time Fee: $5,000 Includes Session Recordings, Handouts and Supporting Tools

You Really Only Have Two Choices:

Choice #1:  You hire me like hundreds of other surgeons have to “see” what they can’t see so they get “unstuck” and on their way to a smooth-running cosmetic practice they enjoy going to every day; or

Choice #2:  You continue to live in uncertainty by putting up with stagnant growth, average staff and the frustration of not knowing what else you can do to rise above fierce competition and truly flourish.

Still Not Sure?

Take my quick assessment to see where you’re at in terms of the health of your practice’s future: