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Cosmetic Patient 80% Conversion Rate

If you’re not converting at least 80% of your cosmetic patient consultations, you’re doing it wrong.

I know other consultants are telling you that 30% and 40% are great but it’s not. It can be so much better.

You are NOT in the business of spending endless hours on consultations that never amount to anything. It’s a waste of your time and mental energy and leaves you feeling drained.

So, what is the real reason you are not converting more consultations?

Cosmetic consumer patients are a tough crowd.

How to Get an 80% Cosmetic Patient Conversion Rate

They have been online researching the barrage of information about various procedures, ways of doing them and the endless providers that can provide them.

That leaves them feeling confused, overwhelmed, and stuck. That’s why they seem so fickle. 

There’s a lot to the consultation process, but if you focused on these 3 areas, I guarantee you will increase your cosmetic patient conversion rate and make more money!

Your Brand and Marketing Efforts

Your branding tells a patient what they can expect from you. It represents your values and reflects your expertise, ethics, and approach to patient care.

Branding can leave a lasting impression or a forgettable one. Spend time on your website “look and feel”, copy, images, photo gallery, reviews and video testimonials.

80% cosmetic patient conversion rate

Add anything else that can differentiate you from your competitors online. Such as PR you’ve gotten, as well as your philanthropic efforts to increase your credibility, compassion and professionalism.

When done right, patients will feel trust and confidence in you and your services.

However, be sure your online presence portrays your authentic self.  Prospective patients will choose you based on you as a surgeon and a person they can connect with, so the goal is to:

“Be the kind of person you want to attract”

Your marketing efforts include your social media presence to include professional FAQ videos, personality videos and your personality. The easiest way to do that is to show “The Day in the life of you taking care of patients. Then giving them great results and working with your staff.

Also, your email marketing to your current patients, as well as your advertising efforts to new patients should also align with your brand.

Since you can’t be everything to everybody, just be you and have that reflected in all you do and put out into the world. This way you attract patients you most enjoy working with.

For example, which fits your personality the best:

Your Prospective Patient’s Experience with You

You do not have to be the biggest, busiest, best practice. But you do need to be congruent with what you are promising online.

Because its incongruent to have a fancy website that portrays you as “The Best”, only to have the patient experience an unfriendly receptionist, a mediocre building in a sketchy area, or an underwhelming office that hasn’t been updated for years.

This contrast in what the prospective patient was expecting and what they are actually experiencing is a major disconnect and turn off. 

Here are other turn-offs keeping your cosmetic patient conversion rate low:

-Keeping them waiting
-Unfriendly staff
-Feeling oversold
-No privacy when talking about money and personal situation
-Coordinator not trained to convert

I highly recommend you re-evaluate the cosmetic patient’s visit with you to see how you can make it more comfortable, so the patient feels a connection with you and your staff, so they say yes more often.

Your Coordinator 

You can have all the right pieces in place, but if your coordinator is not trained to bond with, qualify, present and convert consultations, you are losing money.

Think of all the money that is flying through your hands if you have a mediocre coordinator. Look at the difference between a 30% and 80% close rate:

That’s a $2,880,000 difference in your annual revenues when you have, or DON’T have a trained coordinator who knows what they’re doing.

And please don’t assume just because you have had the same coordinator for years, that she is a converting rockstar.

She may be loyal and pleasant, but is she able to fill up your schedule with quality consults and surgeries?

I have seen time and time again, the long-time coordinator runs the show (and the surgeon) and is never questioned about her efforts and results, for fear of offending her. 

There’s a chance she’s keeping you busy but you are wasting so much time seeing way too many consults to make that happen. Because many of these perspective patients are never seen or heard from again because there is no follow through.

Or maybe you hired a new experienced coordinator and she’s booking but at deep discounts because she says you are overpriced, and she can’t compete unless she lowers the price. But what does that do to your profit margins?

Or perhaps you hired a friendly, nice-looking person who really wants the job but has no idea how to take a skeptical stranger to a paid procedure.

Whatever the case is for you, please invest in them so they are trained to give you their all and convert consults!

Check out The Converting Academy where I turn your coordinator into a revenue-generating machine:

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