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How to Keep Your Staff Motivated

How to keep your staff motivated and make your team your differentiator.

How they work together and how they treat your patients and each other, can make everything better or worse.

Consider the cosmetic patient’s point of view. They assume your surgical skills are a given, and they will get a good result. They read your reviews and looked at your photos and they look a lot like your competitors’ reviews and photos.

So, oftentimes, they base their decision more on how they feel and how they are treated when they call, visit and work their way through your processes of the aesthetic journey.

Your team is either your practice-building secret weapon or the patient deterrent department who scares away new patients since they are representing you and defining the personality of your practice.

A coordinated team that works in unity to improve patient satisfaction and operate more efficiently can win over prospective patients looking for a practice they connect with.

Neglecting team unity can lead to conflict, decreased morale, errors, and inefficiency, resulting in your professional stress and restless nights.

 To prevent this and how to keep your staff motivated, focus on these 5 strategies to create your A-Team:

Your Mindset Shift

As the leader, how you think of and act towards people under you matters….a lot.

All arrows point to you. You set the tone by your own attitude and behavior towards your staff.

When you change your mindset from staff is an overhead expense to regarding them as a valuable investment can transform the work culture.

They feel your attitude about them. If you treat them like they are disposable, they will act disposable.

If you treat them with respect, acknowledgement, and appreciation, you will get a team who steps up and has your back. 

Code Of Conduct

If you don’t set expectations for how you want your team to represent you and your practice, you are leaving yourself wide open for problems.

Have your team come up with a “Kitchen Mission”. This is a daily reminder for how you expect them to act. For example:

  • Display signage with Miguel Ruiz’s 4 agreements which are:
    • Be impeccable with Your Word
    • Don’t Take Anything Personally
    • Don’t Make Assumptions
    • Always do Your Best

Open Communication & Feedback

How to keep your staff motivated is by regular communication. It cuts down on key staff abruptly quitting, other staff “quietly quitting” or not showing up or coming in late and on and on.

      Hold morning huddles and/or weekly team meetings to share the challenges and successes.

      Keep everyone informed of what’s going on using digital tools like a team chat app and a project management system so everyone is clear about pending tasks, who’s responsible and the deadline date.

      Anonymously survey your staff once a year to take the temperature of the staff to identify how they are feeling about working for you.

      Suggestion box to encourage your team to look for practice improvement that either makes money or saves on costs

      Periodic coffee break check-ins with each individual to see how things are going for them in your practice and at home.

The staff must know you are open to feedback flowing freely that pushes everyone to level up.

Conflict Management

Here’s a secret:  It’s what is NOT said that simmers and blows up and that creates drama in the office.

In order to maintain a positive work environment, you (or your manager) must be able to have difficult conversations with your team members when a problem arises.

For example, let’s say you have a team member who “stirs the pot” by gossiping about other team members.

Have a one-on-one session with them confidentially and fill out a disciplinary form that you both sign. It includes:

  • Examples of their behavior and how it is affecting the team
  • Getting their feedback in case there is more to the story that you don’t know
  • Noting the consequences if it happens again
  • You both sign the form and keep it in their file

If it happens again, free them to work somewhere else that is a better fit for their personality. 

Recognition and Rewards System

It’s a fact that when certain behavior is rewarded, it’s repeated. The quickest way to change behavior for the better is through incentives.

One way how to keep your staff motivated is by creating an official reward system that honors successes and going above and beyond what is expected. Financial rewards working very well. For example: 

By Team:

A team that works together should also win and celebrate together. You can allocate a certain percentage of the quarterly profits be split up amongst the team based on hours worked.

By Profit Center:

Assign goals to each profit center (surgery, injectables, lasers, etc.)

The reward gets bigger when more profit centers reach their goals.

They will self-police when they see team members not pulling their own weight that could affect their goal rewards. 

By Provider:

Assign goals to each individual team member and they get a percentage of revenues they generate.

Other rewards could include extra vacation days, fun team-building activities, conferences, workshops to keep updated on industry trends, technologies, and patient care protocols to improve satisfaction.

And “Thank You” still goes a long way, so show your appreciation every chance you get.

Because when your team feels valued, they will treat your patients better, and your patients will treat all of you better by returning and referring. 

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