Attract Affluent Patients

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Use Influence to Attract Affluent Patients

When you externally market your services and throw a big net out into the world, you get a big bag of questionable consumers. For example…

  • While one prospective patient is a no-show and keeps rescheduling her consult with you, others demand to get in immediately;
  • While some expect to pay a fair price for your expertise, others think your prices are insane and want to negotiate; and
  • Other patients are anxious to hear your recommendations, while some are insulted by your recommendations and leave their consultation never to be heard from again.

How to Attract Affluent Patients to Your Cosmetic Practice

The point is, that you will run yourself ragged catering to the general public if you don’t have strategies in place to attract affluent patients who will generate more revenue.

Attract Affluent Patients

Set Standards to Attract Preferred Patients

I propose you turn the tables and here’s what I mean…

Rather than react to and cater to patient demands, perceptions, beliefs, assumptions, drama, and problems, you become a force with strong roots and convictions.

That will define who you are, what you stand for, and what you will tolerate. These standards give you clarity about who you will work with and that, in turn, attracts the patients you want, while detracting the patients you don’t.

Now, your consults are more productive, and your patients are more prepared for their journey with you, so you both enjoy the ride.

Be THE Option rather than AN option.

The solution is to choose a persona that you’re going to present to the public that is designed to appeal to your preferred cosmetic patients, so they see you as the ONLY option.

Structure your brand, website, advertising, marketing and social media to attract your preferred patients and repel the rest. This strategically tells prospective patients what to expect from you.

Because cosmetic patients choose a surgeon they like and feel a connection with.

The more values they share with you, the more you connect with that audience.

Patients today want to know who you are as a person. That’s why social media is so popular. Patients are hungry for transparency and authenticity that shows you’re a multi-dimensional person they can relate to.

It’s your story that is so persuasive and memorable and what compels them to choose you. 

So, what’s your story?

Everyone has a story, you just have to tell it in an interesting way and include things like:

  • How you got to where you are and what made you!
  • Life-changing events
  • Overcoming adversity – Rags to riches
  • Persons of influence in your life
  • Family, health, fitness, music, hobbies

Now add in more emotional and logical reasons to bump up your brand to attract more of your preferred patients to choose you. For example:

  • Name dropping and association – Be seen with celebrities, have celebrities or influencers brag about you on their social media platforms and take photos with them whenever the opportunity presents itself.
  • Your website includes details about out-of-town patients flying in from around the world.
  • Your own consumer book
  • Your own podcast
  • Your own video “show and tell” library
  • Train other surgeons
  • Participate in charities and give back via mission trips. Not only does it feel good to give back, it’s also a great way to get PR.

Affluent patients want what’s new, different, unique so your own signature treatments with your name on them differentiates you. 

It’s also helpful to be a specialist in one thing; i.e., Over 10,000 facelifts performed or the only surgeon who (fill in the blank).

Raise Your Prices

Once you’ve done the above, raise your prices. Price indicates quality to consumers so charge more than your competitors but back it up with better branding, well-trained staff, results and customer service.

And then be consistent with your results, messaging and customer service. The patient has to have the same wow experience every time they interact with you and your staff.

Aristotle said it best: “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

To discover more about branding and marketing to attract affluent patients, subscribe to my podcast Beauty and the Biz.

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Catherine Maley

Catherine Maley

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