My Journey to the Aesthetic Market

I grew up in a Chicago suburb in a cliché Irish Catholic family with seven kids (Do the words “loud” and “chaotic” come to mind?). I am still recovering from it. My first real job was downtown at a prestigious firm called Sargent and Lundy Engineer Consulting. I was the back-up receptionist on the esteemed partners’ floor, and I probably got the job because my red hair showed nicely under the lights of the dark reception area. There, I learned the importance of image and how the phones affect it good or bad.

I entered the field of medicine by sheer circumstance in the ’80s as a Staff Coordinator for the Illinois State Medical Society (who happened to be in the same building as Sargent & Lundy), and I then transferred to San Francisco to be the Director of the House of Delegates for the California Medical Association. These experiences laid the groundwork for my understanding of the unique challenges, threats, and opportunities facing physicians. But my real desire was to get into business in the “for-profit” environment. So, I spent the next 15 years developing and perfecting my marketing and sales techniques at Fortune 500 companies. First, I sold shipping services for Burlington Northern where I learned to sell the invisible and then moved on to selling tangible mail automation equipment for Pitney Bowes, where I learned how to sell value over price since we were the most expensive products on the market.

My understanding of sales, as well as my people skills, gave me the edge to remain in the top 15% of thousands of salespeople nationwide. I also picked up an MBA at USF in my free time. Due to my success at Pitney Bowes, I was recruited by E-Stamp (digital stamps) to be the National Sales Manager, Marketing Manager, and Product Development Manager in the Silicon Valley. There I learned nothing counts unless it’s executed because the VC money eventually runs out

In the Year 2000, I made my move. I was done working for non-profits and start-ups and ready to do my own thing. I also turned 40 and was seeing “wear and tear” in the mirror so while searching for Botox and Laser treatments, I realized how much medical practices were lacking in customer service skills to cater to the cash-paying patient and they didn’t understand the delicate dance of converting patients to high-ticket cosmetic procedures. So, armed with my sales and marketing experience, coupled with my business knowledge, I had the tools I needed to begin coaching, training staff, and marketing plastic surgeons to get them more patients and more profits.

Here I am, 20 years later watching massive change happen in our industry (recessions, insane competition, advanced technology, and social media to name a few) and I’m more excited than ever to use my knowledge, experience and a team of digital experts to help plastic surgeons position themselves as the best choice.


20 Proven Patient Attraction Strategies

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Plastic Surgery Marketing Consultant

Beauty and the Biz is for Plastic Surgeons who know they don’t know everything and are open to discovering the pearls to grow and scale a sellable asset when they’re ready to exit.

Listen in as Catherine interviews surgeons who talk about the business and marketing side of plastic surgery and listen to Catherine’s pearls from consulting with plastic surgeons since Year 2000.

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A Complete Guide to Understanding Your Aesthetic Patient and Growing Your Aesthetic Practice. Catherine Maley, MBA went straight to the aesthetic patient to get the answers you need to succeed with your patients.

Learn: Why Patients Buy Aesthetic Services, Why They Chose You Over Your Competitors, What You Did and Did Not Do to Satisfy Them, What You Can Do to Close More Procedures and Easy and Executable Marketing Strategies