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Ep.129: What is a Good Conversion Rate

What is a good conversion rate?

Welcome to “Beauty and the Biz”, where we talk about the business and marketing side of plastic surgery, and what a good conversion rate is.

I’m your host, Catherine Maley, author of “Your aesthetic practice – What your patients are saying”, and consultant to plastic surgeons to get them more patients and profits. ​

What is a good conversion rate

What is a good conversion rate?

It’s a question I’m asked often enough so I’m assuming other surgeons also experience this, so I’ll address it in this episode.

Here’s the question:                                                        

Dear Catherine,

I had the same patient consultant for many years and she did a great job.

We made a really good team. I performed several procedures on her through the years so she was a great testimonial and she knew how to credential me as the best. She was also very good with my patients and really good at closing consultations.

I never realized how good she was until her husband was promoted and she moved away.

My current coordinator has been on the job for the past year and we are getting mixed results.

She’s nice enough but we don’t get the same results I used to get.

My consult conversion rate used to be in the high 70’s for years and it’s dropped significantly. My coordinator says that’s because the patients are price shopping our competitors and our prices are too high.

I’m not sure that’s true. I don’t know if it’s the patients or the coordinator or something else.

Can you tell me what is a good conversion rate?

Dr. W

Since that’s a loaded question, we need to unpack it before I start throwing out percentages.

Lots of plastic surgeons are experiencing sporadic conversion rates. Or “feast or famine” months and they’re not sure why.

This inconsistency can wreak havoc on your day, your attitude and your pocketbook.

You start questioning yourself and doubting your staff and that’s a path to even more frustration.

So, what’s really happening?

What is a Good Conversion Rate

Well, the bad news is, there’s no one easy answer. So many variables go into your success (or lack thereof) when converting consultations and trying to figure out what is a good conversion rate.

One practice can play the QUALITY vs. quantity game and experience an 80% conversation rate because the coordinator only works with the hyper interested. So, she sends one follow-up email and if they don’t respond, she drops them, but that same practice who is “cherry picking” also can experience big highs and lows in the schedule because they need a lot more leads to cherry pick the best ones..

Or a practice experiences a 25% conversion rate because they play the “QUANTITY vs. quality” game so they see everybody. They don’t charge a consultation fee, they have lots of no-shows and frankly, lots of flaky price-shoppers who are not yet ready to to action so the coordinator has to sift through who is a real candidate and who isn’t.

So given that, here’s a short list of why your conversions “could” be off:

  • Your SEO isn’t working like before because google changed the rules again or you changed your SEO/website provider and lost ground on your Internet presence so the new Internet company has to build your rankings back up; or
  • A new competitor came to town and is out-marketing you;
  • You changed up your marketing strategy and while you’re getting more Internet leads, they are poor quality leads;
  • Your new coordinator is nice and friendly but doesn’t have the converting skills needed to get to a YES and so on.

Because the reality is not about how many leads you get.
It’s about how many prospective patients say YES and PAY for your services, right?

Which is why your coordinator must be on her game to convert these consults so if she needs training, check out The Converting Club for Coordinators on my website and I’ll train her for you.

Because after consulting with surgeons for 2 decades, here is what I find most often:

You don’t have a lead problem.
you have a converting and retention problem. Just saying..

But back to the question what’s a good conversion rate. Here are guidelines to help you figure that out:

Leads coming from “Internet stranger patients” convert at 5-20%

Leads coming from word-of-mouth referrals convert at 70-85%

Leads coming from your current patients who want more from you convert at 85% and higher

And to break it down even more:

Breast aug leads convert much less than facelift leads so I would separate those out so the data is not skewed.

BTW, if you question my stats, no problem. Do this exercise to get the real numbers for YOUR own practice.

Have your staff look up the last 50-100 surgeries you performed and fill out an excel sheet by noting

The procedure performed

The revenues collected
The referral source: did they come cold from the Internet, were they a word-of-mouth referral or were they your current patient coming back for more.

Also note their age and zip code to determine if they are local or out of town and which demographics of patients seem to gravitate towards you.

I’ve had surgeons from all over the country do this exercise and they are always surprised to discover where their conversions and revenues came from so see for yourself and let me know your results so we can see what is a good conversion rate for your practice.

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